TrustedHealth ICO: how personal loss can empower a life-changing ecosystem

ICO Presale of a project based on an existing MVP scheduled for 20 March at 12.00 CET

Greg Jarzabek, founder & CEO, and

  • How did you get the very idea for the project?

My mother was diagnosed with a severe form of pancreatic cancer. From that moment on, we fought every day until she lost the battle, and my life changed. It sounds trite, but cancer changed my life, inspiring me to create the TrustedHealth project.

I travelled the world for many months and looked for a way to save her life. I worked in a prestigious investment bank, and used all my savings and salary to find the best doctors, the most advanced and most suitable methods of treatment.

  • How were you looking for specialists?

I visited specialists in Warsaw, London, Chicago, New York, Boston, Cologne, Frankfurt, Turin, Helsinki and Tokyo. I just could not “throw up my hands”. It’s hard for me to describe to you the scale of disappointment, grief and fear that followed me along this road. It took me months to get to the right pathologist, an oncologist with the right specialisation and the right treatment.

I was exhausted and almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown resulting from constant travelling, pressure from my employer and the relentless ticking of the cancer clock. In the end I found a suitable doctor and treatment that was finally used for my mother and was extremely successful; it really prolonged her life and eased the suffering, even though it was just for a short while.

Thanks to her story, I realised that I wanted to be sure that no one else would share my disappointment with the way that cancer is treated. I wanted to change the situation for other sons, daughters, mothers and fathers who are diagnosed with cancer on a daily basis.

  • Please, tell us how the “fear” factor gave you the idea of a start-up?

People are very afraid of cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Fear arises from obscurity, ignorance, lack of understanding and lack of control. In the first place, there is the concern of whether the diagnosis is correct and whether the treatment is sufficient.

This happens to those who cannot afford to fly around the world in search of alternative methods, those who can only take what they have here and now, and do everything that is possible with every treatment and advice they receive.

  • Do you regret that having to quit your steady job in finance?

I quit my job and began to look for a way to create something that would give everyone access to the world’s leading medical specialists, as well as the chance to get a reliable second opinion, as I had managed to get for my mother.

I loved my job in finance, but when I started working on Trustedoctor and subsequently on TrustedHealth, I felt that what I was doing made sense. I’m building something that can help others win the battle against cancer, against this life-threatening disease.

I use technology to create hope. It was not an easy journey. I lost my mother and I miss her every day, but I’ve already seen how people use my platform to change the diagnosis and live longer. Trustedoctor has been operating since 2017 and the platform has already helped hundreds of people.

TrustedHealth is a platform for decentralised collaboration between patients and physicians. The project is designed to support the unification of healthcare to ensure the provision of the best medical care to anyone in any part of the world.

Today, medicine all over the world is undergoing a new phase in the development and implementation of innovative digital technologies. These technologies are transforming almost all aspects of health and well-being, including diagnostics, treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, and management of chronic diseases as well as the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

Digital medicine is a promising development path that will not only help diagnose and treat patients more accurately and effectively, but will also make medicine more accessible and comfortable for the patient.

TrustedHealth creates an ecosystem of health services that brings together a community of patients, leading doctors and professionals – radically improving the field of specialized medicine for patients.

The TrustedHealth ICO presale starts on March 20, 12.00h CET. The price of the token is fixed at ETH 0.00006 for the entire ICO stage. A total of TDH 150,000,000 will be issued. The objective of the ICO is to attract funding for the development of the project and its technical base, as well as to involve health professionals and connect to the ecosystem of medical institutions around the world.

Join the TrustedHealth ICO Presale at  . And remember, your health is your greatest asset.

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