Fishermen slam Boris Johnson after ‘surrender’ to EU ‘we’re the sacrificial lamb’

Brexit: Fishermen criticise Boris Johnson’s ‘unfair’ deal

Boris Johnson has come under fire from fishermen as they claim his Brexit deal with the EU still allows foreign boats to have the biggest cut of the quota in UK waters. The deal outlined that 25 percent of the EU’s fishing rights in UK waters will be transferred over a period of five years. Brussels’ fishing quota has been reduced by 15 percent in the first year and 2.5 percent each year after.

One fisherman Kirk Stribling told CBC News: “There were no negotiations at all as far as we’re concerned because we’ve still got foreign boats fishing within six miles of the coast.”

Fisherman Dean Fryer added: “We’ve got nothing out of it at all.

“Foreign boats always seem to get a bigger cut of the quota.

“They just can carry on fishing whereas we can’t, it’s all very unfair.”

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Mr Stribling noted: “Most of that 25 percent is sort of fictional fish, fish that is not really caught anyway.

“Why should fishing be the sacrificial lamb.

“Why do they need to sacrifice all these communities to save something else.

“It’s not negotiations, it’s surrender.”

Brexit: Fisherman says industry has been 'shafted' with deal

Fishermen from across the UK have voiced some frustration with the terms of the deal, which also faced intense scrutiny because of the divergence it creates between Britain and Northern Ireland.

The comments come as First Minister Arlene Foster claimed the nation now has a “gateway of opportunity” because of Brexit.

Mrs Foster pledged to mitigate the worst effects of the protocol requiring checks on some goods coming from Great Britain.

The DUP leader said the country had left the EU’s common policies on farming and fishing.

“What we have is a gateway of opportunity for the whole of the UK and for Northern Ireland and it is important that in this centenary year that we look forward to that and step through that gateway and take all the opportunities that are available for our people.”


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She told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that Northern Ireland was out of the EU’s customs union.

The protocol keeps the country in the EU’s single market for goods and means it applies EU customs rules at its ports.

In four years’ time, the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont will be able to vote on whether the nation wants to remain within the regulatory system set up by the Northern Ireland protocol.

Mrs Foster said: “I hope by that stage that people will see that it is much better to move out of these regulations and into the global market.”

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