Forget about it! Nicola Sturgeon told Spain will REJECT independent Scotland joining EU

Brexit: Spain will ‘vote against’ Scotland rejoining says expert

Political scientist Tanja Borzel told DW that Scotland should forget about leaving the United Kingdom in order to join the European Union as Spain will not allow it. The Catalonia region in Spain has campaigned for independence from the rest of the nation and held an unofficial referendum in 2017 which was declared illegal by the constitution. 

Ms Borzel said: “I do not think that an independent Scotland will become a member of the EU.

“I do not think it will happen.

“It takes one member state to vote against them

“And you can be sure that it will be Spain.

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“So forget about an independent Scotland in the European Union.”

The SNP leader was previously warned that Spain would actively discourage a recently independent country from joining the EU by a Scottish Conservative councillor.

Tony Miklinski told that Spain will want to avoid setting a precedent that independent nations can join the European Union due to their ongoing issue with Catalonia.

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He said: “I think any nation that has an independence issue of its own, such as Spain with Catalonia, there is no way they want a precedent set whereby they encourage independence.

“Nationalism in general across Europe, where has it ever got us moving in the past looking at history?

“Nationalism is a very selfish and introverted creed.


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“Patriotism is fine but nationalism says we are better than you are.

“That is not a healthy way to be looking at life in the 21st century.” 

Scotland’s First Minister has outlined plans to ramp up her bid for Scottish independence in 2021.

Ms Sturgeon has voiced her intention to submit a draft bill setting out the terms and timing of a second Scottish independence referendum before the Parliamentary elections in May 2021.

Boris Johnson has repeatedly ruled out another Scottish independence vote and said one should not be held for another generation after Scotland voted to remain part of the UK in 2014. 

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