Now THAT’S how you do it! French politician praises Brexit – 11,000 sign Frexit petition

Frexit: Charles-Henri Gallois issues warning to Brussels

Former MEP Florian Philippot hit out at Brussels’ agreement with Beijing as Britain announced an import ban on any goods suspected of being linked to forced labour in China’s Xinjiang region and warned fines could be imposed on UK firms that flout the new rules

A fast Frexit is vital!

Florian Philippot

Mr Philippot tweeted: “This is the difference between a sovereign country, the United Kingdom, and a country that obeys orders, France, which embarked via the EU in a disastrous investment agreement with China a few days ago

“A fast Frexit is vital!”

The China deal has created a rift within the EU with many smaller members states suggesting it was forced through by German Chancellor Angela Merkel just before her country’s six-month revolving presidency of the bloc came to an end.

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Mr Philippot said: “Germany is the European country which had the greatest economic advantage in this agreement.

“EU-China agreement concluded by Merkel: catastrophic for France, but very good for Germany.

“The EU works to benefit Germany.

“Let’s get out of this hell: Frexit!”

Mr Philippot, an MEP who left Marine Le Pen’s National Front in 2017 to set up his own Patriots party, renewed his calls for the French government to hold a referendum on its EU membership.

He said: “Macron talks about Brexit just to complain and to remind us of his submission to the EU.

“If he lived up to his job, serving his people instead of whining, he would announce a referendum on Frexit!”

He spoke out as the number of people to have signed a petition demanding a Frexit vote passed the 11,000 mark with organisers claiming the support of many more.

The campaign tweeted: “We remind you that more than half of the French want a referendum on the EU as it happened in the United Kingdom.

“Let’s make this wish come true by sharing the petition.”

Charles-Henri Gallois, president of the political movement Generation Frexit, believes France is edging closer to leaving the EU.

He warned despite the billions of euros France will lose from continuing to be a long-standing EU member, the argument centres around sovereignty and democracy, but warned there is no such thing as the latter in the bloc at present.

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Mr Gallois told “A country which does not control its laws, its money, its commercial agreements, its currency, its boundaries is not a sovereign country at all.

“France is a great country and should take back control!

“You can have thousands of economic arguments as the EU costs us a lot financially (cost of the euro currency overvalued for our economy, France is the second largest contributor to EU budget, France will loose 40 billions euros in the recovery fund) but eventually it’s about democracy.

“Do we want to be governed by French people that we elect and that we can fire in the next election if the policy is wrong? There is no such thing as democracy in the EU.

“Whether you vote left or right, you have the same exact policy which is decided in Brussels by non-elected people or in the European treaties that you cannot change as you need the unanimity of 27 countries with different national interests.”

(Additional reporting by Maria Ortega)

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