Rapid spread of extremism ‘dangerous threat’ to UK

The rapid spread of extremism presents a “clear, dangerous threat to Britain”, a Conservative MP has warned after a network of radicals was uncovered in North Africa. Moroccan intelligence has exposed an Iranian-backed militia forming against Israel in the Sahara, with its leaders discussing a fresh wave of appalling attacks on the telephone. Britain has been urged to not underestimate the scale of this threat to western democracy by Rochford and Southend East MP James Duddridge.

Speaking to the Daily Express, he said: “The world watched on in horror as the true extent of the atrocities committed by Hamas on the 7th October became clear.

“But we must not underestimate the scale of this threat to Western democracy.

“We have seen a rise in extremism across the world in recent weeks.

“In Western Sahara, Hezbollah and Iran have armed and trained the Polisario Front against Morocco. In Iraq, Shiite militias have attacked American military bases.

“Backed by terrorist states like Iran, extremists present a clear, dangerous threat to Britain.”

Since the Israel-Hamas war broke out, enemies of the Zionist state have organised to coordinate attacks from all angles.

The Lebanese terrorist organisation Hezbollah fires rockets into Israel on an almost daily basis, and terrorists have attempted to enter the country via the northern border forcing entire communities to be evacuated.

Meanwhile, Syrian and Iraqi militants have come forward to support the fight against Israel with a dramatic spike in attacks on allied US military bases in the region.

The Houthi in Yemen have officially declared war on Israel and have targeted southern Israel with long-range missiles and drones and the Algerian parliament voted for war against the Jewish state.

Moroccan and Western intelligence suggests Iran is the common thread between this network of militias which it supports with arms, money and training to weaponise against the West in general and the US and Israel in particular.

In August this year, sources close to Suella Braverman reported the Iranian state was “now the biggest threat to the UK” after 15 confirmed murder and kidnap plots on British soil.

“The Iranian threat is the one that worries us the most,” the source said at the time.

“It’s a big issue because they are getting much more aggressive and their appetite is increasing. They are very defensive to anyone challenging their regime and just want to stamp it out. They are increasing their agitation.”

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Citing secret service reports and financial investigators, German publication Die Welt reports Tehran has been expanding its network for several years, including arming the Polisario Front militia against Morocco.

In a telephone transcript published by Die Welt between Mustafa Muhammad Lemine Al-Kitab, a Polisario officer in Syria responsible for the Middle East, and a Hezbollah agent, the two allegedly discussed the possibility of joint attacks against Israel with Hamas, Hezbollah, Algeria and Iran.

In a conversation recorded on 23 October, around two weeks after the attack on Israel in which Hamas massacred 1,200 people, the agent asked Lemine Al-Kitab about the situation. “Praise be to Allah. The young people are encouraged by the victory of the resistance and the actions against the Jews and the victory over them everywhere,” he replied.

“I see that the resistance is catching fire everywhere. It has broken out in Gaza, it may break out in the Golan Heights (…) and in the south [of Lebanon] and in the Shebaa farms, and it will also break out in the Western Sahara and there will be a unified resistance. Everyone will fire from a different place [at Israel].”

Lemine Al-Kitab allegedly offered to support the Polisario Front, but stressed that its resources were not yet sufficient to attack the Israeli embassy in Morocco.

The reported conversation comes two weeks after rockets killed one man and injured three others after being fired at residential areas in the town of Smara, in the Moroccan-controlled Western Sahara in a suspected Polisario attack.

Hezbollah, Iran’s most powerful militia, “sent military representatives to the Polisario, supplied weapons to the front and trained them in urban warfare”, Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita said.

Morocco also claimed that Iran had facilitated meetings between the Polisario Front and Hezbollah through its embassy in Algeria.

Last year, a Polisario Front representative claimed that Iran, through Algeria, was supplying them with “kamikaze” drones to use against Morocco – similar to those given to Russia to use in Ukraine.

Morocco has become the focus of Iran and its proxies’ attempts to destabilise the region since the former signed the Abraham Peace Accords with Israel.

The Polisario Front, a socialist militia based in southern Algeria, sees itself as the true indigenous people of the Moroccan Western Sahara and has a long history of fighting Morocco for the land.

Morocco severed relations with Iran in 2018 because of the hostile state’s support for the Polisario Front.

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