Acuity Trading Reports a P&L of GBP 37,708 in Its Recent Balance Sheet

Acuity Trading, a financial technology firm, released its balance sheet on Monday as of January 31, 2021, noting an increase of its net current assets to GBP 278,275 from GBP 105,659 last year. According to the document released on the UK Companies House website, total assets less current liabilities account for GBP 299,145, which is up compared to GBP 106,232 seen last year.

That said, the profit and loss account as of January 31 is GBP 37,708, which is down compared to the figure seen in the same period last year of GBP 94,027. Also, Acuity Trading had fixed assets of around GBP 20,870 – up from GBP 573 seen last year.

The company has been active in bolstering its R&D collaboration in Spain recently. For example, Acuity Trading launched a new R&D center in Barcelona, Spain, in June. Andrew Lane, CEO of the firm, signed the constitution for Acuity Analytics.

Strengthening R&D Presence in Europe

The new research and development hub based in Spain is part of Acuity Trading’s plans to expand further into Europe, the firm said. The center seeks to dedicate research in data science and machine learning, aiming to develop emerging technologies and improve existing tech-based capabilities. In addition, the Spanish R&D hub of Acuity Trading aims to foster collaboration with its team of experts and academics from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) to strengthen collaborative ties across academic and commercial sectors, the firm stated at that time.

Also, a few months ago, Equiti Group, a multi-asset brokerage, signed a three-way partnership with financial technology firm Acuity Trading and market news provider Dow Jones Newswires. With this partnership, Equiti will be able to provide traders with more market news and have access to more market information. Acuity Trading uses a proprietary technology called Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide market sentiment data to investors and brokers.

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