Deutsche Börse’s 360T Taps FairXchange for Execution Analytics

Deutsche Börse’s 360TGTX has tapped the services of FairXchange, a financial markets data science platform, for independent execution analytics that will involve analyzing trade and pricing data.

Announced on Thursday, 360TGTX has already integrated FairXchange’s Horizon. This integration is helping liquidity management and sales teams in negotiations with liquidity providers and liquidity consumers, according to the company. Furthermore, it is helping to optimize execution and deliver commercial benefits.

“In Horizon, FairXchange has built a unique tool for delivering intelligence to platforms such as ourselves. The range of capabilities and ease of presentation has made this an essential part of our engagement with both Makers and Takers,” said Simon Jones, Chief Growth Officer at 360T.

Bringing Clarity with Data

FairXchange claims to be specializing in the microstructural analysis of financial markets. Horizon, which is the firm’s analytical framework, takes a large data-set of any trading event that can be captured electronically and compares it to market data at the time.

Overall, the platform provides metrics that help clients analyze the different events associated with FX trading alongside the actual fills.

“We are thrilled to be working with 360TGTX, a global trading venue with a broad range of execution styles and customer demographics. We are able to provide accessible, actionable data to the 360TGTX team to further optimize execution results,” Guy Hopkins, Founder and CEO at FairXchange, added.

“We have adapted a number of features in Horizon to suit 360TGTX’s specific requirements, and they have provided critical input as we continue to innovate in this space. We are very excited to be partnering with a leading FX platform provider.”

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