Devexperts Integrates GCEX’s Solutions for FX and Crypto Liquidity

Devexperts, a financial markets technology provider, announced on Tuesday the integration of the solutions of GCEX, which is a liquidity provider for brokers, funds, and other professional traders.

The technology provider detailed that the integration came with a raise in liquidity demand within its brokerage client base. Brokers using Devexperts’ DXtrade platform can now access GCEX liquidity for both FX and crypto.

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Commenting on the integration, Jon Light, Devexperts’ vice president for trading solutions, said: “When you combine Devexperts’ trading platforms with the excellent liquidity GCEX provides, this creates a harmonious offering for all types of brokers covering FX and Crypto.”

The official announcement also highlighted that GCEX’s solution will offer liquidity to both crypto spot trading and CFDs trading for FX and crypto.

Demand for Liquidity Is Increasing

Regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), GCEX’s liquidity offerings range across all traditional financial products, including FX, commodities, CFDs, and several crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat crosses with major currencies. It also offers on and off-ramp services for digital assets.

The company has partnered with several financial market players and revealed last year that it is using the digital asset custodian and settlement services of Koine.

“Besides regulation, security, and technology, the cryptocurrency market needs enough liquidity for the institutional participants to come. Our role here is to make this happen. Devexperts has been around for a very long time, and it is great that we can work and integrate with them and the high-end platforms they offer,” GCEX CEO, Lars Holst added.

Meanwhile, Devexperts inked deals with Osmanlı Yatırım and TEB Yatırım, two Turkish financial firms, earlier this year for providing trading infrastructure.

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