Meteorologists-miners, Australian police investigate an unusual case

Two IT specialists wrote the crypt in the meteorological office.

Australian police suspect two IT specialists that they obtained crypto currency on the powerful computers of the Bureau of Meteorology, where they worked.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) searched the Meteorological Service in Melbourne and interrogated suspects.

The Federal Police added that from the beginning of the investigation one of the employees quit his job. The investigation is ongoing, the prosecution has not yet been presented, reportsCryptovest.

But, of course, the Australian meteorologists-miners are still far from the Russian nuclear physicists who managed to crypto currency at the secret Federal Nuclear Center in the city of Sarov.

More advanced hackers think not so straightforward. For example, according to the anti-virus Avast, cybercriminals can create a million army of microminers that will be embedded in mobile devices.

Each of the devices will be inefficient, but the total result can be impressive. Although not the same as when using a meteorological computer. But it will be much harder to find them.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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