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PUPILS could get free bus travel under plans being considered by dozens of councils.

Sir Keir Starmer has ordered his newly elected batch of Labour authorities to think up cost of living measures. 

One of the proposals discussed on a call today was free bus travel for all under-19s in education.

In London kids under-15 already get free bus travel, but in many areas they have to pay hefty fares. 

Labour gained 537 councillors in last week’s local elections, making them the largest party in local government.

On a meeting with Sir Keir today the new town hall bosses pledged fresh support for families within 100 days.


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Other policies considered include building “genuinely affordable” housing on council land, and insulating more homes to cut bills.

Although they are yet to flesh out the details on how the ideas would work in practice.

Sir Keir said: “I’m delighted to be immediately working with our new council leaders to create emergency cost of living action plans, and review local housing plans.

“We’ll act now, to ease people’s pockets, and support their aspirations.

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“Our new leaders will review their inheritance and pull every lever possible to relieve the intolerable burden that this government has placed on working people.”

The government has invested almost £100billion in cost of living support for Brits struggling to make ends meet.

Halving inflation – which remains stubbornly high at around 10 per cent – is one of Rishi Sunak’s top priorities.

The Tories took a battering in the local elections, losing more than 1,000 councillors. 

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