BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of UK flooding after yellow heavy rain warnings issued

UK weather: Mild temperatures with heavy rain expected

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BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood noted that there were yellow rain warnings issued by the Met Office. She said this wet weather would likely result in flooding. The most impacted areas would be north Wales, north England, and southern Scotland.

Temperatures are also expected to be above-average for the time of year and could reach a high of 18C.

Ms Kirkwood said: “There is some heavy rain but it is going to be very mild.

“What is happening is that we will be pulling in all this mild air from the tropics.

“This front here will be moving north and south and it is producing a fair bit of rain.

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“The heaviest rain is expected over southern Scotland, northwest England, and West Wales.

“Flooding is quite likely as we are going to see some large rainfall totals.”

The BBC Weather forecaster noted that some parts of the UK will remain dry while others will see excess rain.

She also noted the above-average temperatures felt across the country.

UK weather: Met Office forecasts windy and mild conditions

Ms Kirkwood continued: “There will be quite a lot of cloud today that will be producing some drizzly bits and pieces across southwest England.

“We have also got some showers across the far north of Scotland.

“There will be some brighter breaks, some sunny intervals especially to the east of high ground.

“Temperatures will be above average for the time of year, 13 to 18C.

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Parts of northern England could see total rainfall of 25-90mm of rain.

Slightly further south rainfall totals could be as much as 40-180mm of rain.

Ms Kirkwood closed by saying: “Flooding is quite possible.

“The Met Office has some yellow weather warnings out for this.”

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