BBC Weather forecasts Bank Holiday misery amid heavy downpours and thunderstorm warnings

BBC Weather forecast unsettled conditions will continue throughout the weekend, with most of the UK on track to experience bursts of rain because of a persistent area of low pressure. The Met Office issued a series of thunderstorm warnings covering the majority of southern England and Cornwall as well as southern Wales. BBC meteorologist Sarah Keith-Lucas said: “Through the course of today we could have a bit more rain for more parts of the UK.

“In fact, the rain has already been falling all over for the past few hours. A few parts of southern Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England as well.

“This band of rain will edge its way south so it will be drying up and brightening up across northern parts of the UK but further south more of those heavy showers and some thunderstorms developing.

“They’ll be hit and miss, if you do catch one it could be quite heavy and again, there could be some of that surface water flooding similar to what we had yesterday.

“The winds also a real feature, coming in from a northerly direction so gusty, more than 40mph, particularly around the coastlines it is going to feel quite blustery out there, especially for Scotland, Northern Ireland as well feeling quite chilly while you’re exposed to that northerly wind.

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“Further south we’ve got the cloud and the outbreaks of rain lingering into this evening and overnight as well, particularly the southwest of England and East Anglia looking pretty soggy overnight.”

The low pressure that has been in charge over the past few days will be finally moving on overnight but the Atlantic weather front taking over will usher in cooler temperatures that will remain in charge through the weekend.

Ms Keith-Lucas continued: “That area of low pressure will tend to drift away as we head in into the weekend.

“Higher pressure in the Atlantic then builds in from the west and, under those clearing skies, it’s going to be quite chilly overnight. 

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“Temperatures for Scotland and Northern Ireland well down in single figures, a little bit milder where we’ve got the breeze and the cloud further south.”

The BBC Weather meteorologist noted the rains will slow down on Saturday but wind will continue to pose a challenge as gusts could hit as high as 40mph.

She also warned the high pressure band will drive down temperatures, with some northern areas set to see thermometers drop as low as 2C in some areas.

Ms Keith-Lucas added: “Through the day tomorrow we’re likely to start off with some outbreaks of rain across the southeast of England and East Anglia.


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“They should fade away during the day, quite a lot of dry weather but again, look at those winds, up to 30mph or even 40mph for some of us.

“So quite a breezy, cool feel to the weather. Temperatures only in the mid to high teens, so not as warm as they’ve been recently.

“When you add on the effect of the breeze, it is going to feel quite chilly out there.

“And actually if you’ve got plans Saturday night, you’ll notice those temperatures dropping pretty quickly, well down single figures for some of us as we head through Saturday night into Sunday.”

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