Bloke stunned after finding dad’s ashes washed up on beach and message in bottle

A man cleaning up the south coast made an incredible discovery after spotting a glass bottle bobbing around in the sea.

Tim Noon told Cornwall Live that he often picks up rubbish on beaches, and spotted what appeared to be no ordinary bottle.

He said: "When I go out I often pick up rubbish, so I had a big fishing box on the front of the kayak and was filling it with crisp packets and bits of plastic when I saw a glass bottle bobbling about."

Tim could see it contained ashes and initially thought it was the remains of someone's pet.

After getting back to shore, he sat down at a coffee shack near the Rising Sun pub at Portmellon in Cornwall and with the help of some locals extracted the ashes, which were sealed in a zip lock bag, and a message.

Alongside a poem were details about the man in the bottle.

Frank Southworth's daughter Teresa had sent her dad on a "final adventure", asking whoever found the bottle to sprinkle his ashes where they were found.

Frank, who was in the Royal Navy and a former Metropolitan Police officer, died in January aged 88.

He met his wife Maureen while in the Navy at Dartmouth.

Teresa, from Kingskerswell in Devon – where Frank also lived – sent the bottle out to sea from Whitsand 10 days before it was found.

She thinks her dad would have loved that she did it while on a jet ski for the first time in her life.

Her contact details were included in the message, so Tim contacted Teresa and followed her wishes.

Last Tuesday, September 7, on a gloriously sunny day, he sprinkled Frank's ashes at Portmellon.

Teresa was shocked and amazed when Tim told her where her dad's bottle was discovered.

The family's final holiday together in 2012 was to Portmellon, which was the last beach Frank ever visited with Teresa, and the only time they'd been in Cornwall together.

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"It's absolutely staggering – people get goosebumps when they hear that," said Tim.

People in the Mevagissey area have dubbed it "a miracle", "amazing" and "incredible".

Teresa said: "I get goosebumps thinking about it too, that was the last beach we visited as a family before my dad got ill. I am in no doubt that my dad took himself to the beautiful beach of Portmellon. It feels like fate."

"Apparently my dad travelled 100 nautical miles, which he would have loved as he was a real adventurer and a keen fisherman."

Next weekend, Teresa is planning to visit the shack at Portmellon where the note, bottle and photos of Frank are on display.

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