Brits ‘in denial’ will see a ‘nuclear weapon’ used ‘within 10 years’, MP warns

Brits are “in denial” about the danger they face, and will likely witness the use of a nuclear weapon “within ten years”, an MP has warned.

Since Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to invade Russia’s neighbour Ukraine in February, there has been the constant threat of an escalation to using nuclear missiles hanging over the West.

This has led Prime Ministerial candidate Liz Truss to propose boosting military spending by £20billion, and warning that she would be “ready” to press the nuclear button herself if absolutely necessary.

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Now, Tobias Ellwood, a Conservative MP and the chair of the House of Commons Defence Committee, warned listeners on Times Radio that global conflict could soon escalate to a terrifying climax.

“I can’t stress it too much more, we’re in for a very, very difficult decade, our world will change,” he said.

“I suspect, [even though] it’s horrible to say so, that we will see a tactical nuclear weapon used in the next ten years.

“I hope that will then wake people up to say, ‘life is going to get dangerous, what are we going to do about it?’”

Despite these warnings, and stressing that the UK needs “another Churchill” amid the crisis, the MP claimed that Brits are underprepared for the danger.

“We’re failing to appreciate just how dramatically our world is likely to change over the next decade,” he suggested.

“Authoritarianism is on the rise, those post-war institutions such as the United Nations, designed to constrain rogue states are no longer fit for purpose.

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“So our global order is being upended and we’re in denial. Both Russia and China see this as their time and they’re taking advantage of how risk-adverse the West has become.”

Tobias added that climate change is likely to add even further insecurity due to flooding and crop failures, adding: “We need to wake up, and I’m afraid we’re in denial to where this is going.”


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