Butt Squad members arrested in Montenegro after models undress & sprayed each other with firehose in latest racy shoot

THREE members of the notorious Ukrainian Butt Squad were arrested in Montenegro after "shamelessly" undressing and spraying each other with a firehouse on a public road.

It is the latest legal scandal to grip the group of women, who were previously jailed for a racy balcony shoot on a skyscraper in Dubai.

The models previously posed with Ukranian flags to show their team support in Euro 2020 – but have now got behind England and even shared a video backing Gareth Southgate’s team ahead of their triumphant semi-final against Denmark.

The "Butt Squad's" latest brush with the law comes as they were promoting a car race in the town of Kotor and theatrically "assisting" local firefighters as they cleaned the road with their hoses.

But the saucy photoshoot has saw three of the ladies – Diana Oksanich, 19, Ruslana Kovkova, 21, and Viktoria Rohalchuk, 21 – held in police cells for being inappropriately dressed and fined at a midnight court hearing. 

American businessman and playboy Vitaliy Grechin, 41, who has a property nearby, was also initially detained before being released.

He was held in a "hellish" Dubai jail along with the women after the notorious balcony photoshoot in Dubai that went viral in April.

After flowing the so-called "Butt Squad" to Dubai on an all-expenses trip ahead of the scandalous picture, he then invited his female companions to stay with him at a vacation home in Montenegro.

"In the preparations for this race, they were helping the firefighters wash the road,” Grechin, who was once a donor to former US president Barack Obama, said.

He said organisers of the car race had asked them to help publicise the event – and even claimed that: "the firefighters loved the idea, all 20 of them."

He continued, "They were the ones who leaked the pictures to the media."

According to a report, Judge Ivana Vukasović fined the "Butt Squad" trio 450 euros each for violating public order laws. 

"They behaved shamelessly in a public place," according to the court, as they "stripped naked and posed on the asphalt road, taking video recordings and photographs for ten minutes."

Before she was taken in for questioning, 19-year-old Diana posted a clip saying: "Guys, just in case… The police are here.

"If I'm not in touch, you know where to find me – locked up in Montenegro."

Another fellow member present at the stunt in Dubai wrote a follow-up post, explaining: "The girls are safe and sound. They just came back. 

"I nearly died of fear, over what happened to them."

She continued: "Do not believe the police in any foreign country. In your own country you have at least a chance to get out."

The globe-trotting group have continued to push the boundaries of exposure on their travels that has saw them banned from Gulf countries for at least five years.

They were kicked out of the United Arab Emirates after the balcony snap after being accused of offending public decency.

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