Convicted rapist and killer who is prime suspect in infamous Suzy Lamplugh murder could be set free

THE jailed killer who police say murdered Suzy Lamplugh is bidding for freedom with a Parole Board hearing.

Convicted rapist and kidnapper John Cannan, now 67, will appear before a panel next year in the hope of being transferred to an open prison.

If successful, it would pave the way for the sex monster’s release into the community around 18 months later.

Cannan is serving three life sentences for the 1987 murder of newlywed Shirley Banks, the attempted kidnap of a businesswoman and a rape the year before.

A whole-life sentence imposed by a judge was later replaced by a 35-year minimum tariff, which Cannan is due to complete in October next year.

In 2002, police took the highly unusual step of naming him as the man who killed Suzy in July 1986, after the CPS ruled there was insufficient evidence to prosecute him.

And last night, ex cops warned of the “grave risk” of Cannan ever being let out.

Former Met Police DCI Jim Dickie, who led a fresh investigation of Suzy’s murder in the early 2000s, told The Sun: “Cannan should never be released, full stop.

“He is a psychopath and serial sex offender who, in my opinion, has murdered at least three women.

“He will remain a danger to women until the day he dies and it would be a grave risk to ever release him.”

Estate agent Suzy, 25, vanished after going to meet a supposed client calling himself “Mr Kipper” at a house in Fulham, West London — and Cannan was the Met’s prime suspect.

He is being held at top security HMP Full Sutton, East Yorkshire, and has suffered serious health problems following a stroke two years ago.

The parole hearing will assess whether he is fit to be moved to open conditions.

A transfer to a Cat D jail would mean home leave and visits into the community.

Mr Dickie said Cannan has “played the system” and used human rights laws to get his whole-life term overturned.

He added: “What about the human rights of the women he has attacked and murdered? What about the rights of their families as well?

“He must stay locked up for his natural life.”

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