‘Cowboy builders conned us out of £10,000 and forced my family onto food banks’

A family has claimed it has been left thousands of pounds out of pocket after dodgy builders left them with a destroyed home.

The claim comes from Amanda Cardy, 49, and husband Antony, 59, who had been hoping to get an extension built for their youngest son's bedroom.

However, having shelled out £10,000, they say they have been left with a mess of incomplete wiring and piping at their Shipton-on-Stour home.

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The names of the building companies involved have not been given to the public.

The family say they are now being forced to use food banks because they have run out of cash to fix the issue.

Mum-of-three Amanda said: “We’ve gone from being normal comfortable family and now next week I have to go and get food from a food bank.

“My children’s mental health is ruined, my husband’s company has suffered, and I got really ill and depressed.

“It’s mental torture.

“I feel like I can’t take it anymore – I've never been in the situation where I can’t afford to put food on the table.”

The family decided they wanted to add an extension to their home to allow their youngest son to have a bigger bedroom.

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They hired a builder in April 2020 who started the work – but then stopped turning up to the site and left the house without doors or windows, it is claimed.

They moved into a rental property as they were told the extension would take just 12 weeks, but they quickly realised they were in for a much longer ordeal.

Hoping for more luck, they hired another builder, but were let down again and say works were never started by the second contractors.

Amanda also alleges that copper wiring and pipes were taken from inside their home.

They reported it to police, who they claim told them they were unable to take any action as they believe it to be a civil matter.

Amanda said: “I put an ad up in June 2020 and a builder contacted me and wanted to come over straight away.

“I cried to him about what the first builder did and he told me he had a group of guys and could get it finished in five weeks.

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“He said he would do everything at trade price but needed to buy materials – he would call me at night asking where the money was and I sent him £5,000 for materials.

“He said it would cost £10,000 in total and I told him that once that had gone, I didn’t have any more money.”

The second builder hired by the couple claims the building was left open and without any security, saying anyone who wanted to could have entered the premises.

He also claims his business crashed during the contract, leaving him unable to complete the work he was hired to do.

He says he believed a mediator was being brought in to help find a solution to the issues.

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