Creepy abandoned school with 40-year-old computer still has lessons on board

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A derelict school stuck in the 1980s still has lessons written on a blackboard and a 40-year-old computer.

An urban explorer published some creepy photos of the abandoned institution that looks like it is stuck in a time warp, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Margaret Beavan School in West Derby, Liverpool, shut its doors for good in 2004 and has since been allowed to fall into a state of disrepair.

It contains lessons written on an old-fashioned blackboard and a BBC microcomputer that was released in 1981.

There is also a traditional school bell, changing rooms and a painted football goal on an outside wall, a sight that will take many people back to their own school days.

Eerie photos on The Derelict Explorer's Facebook page show plastic chairs along with drawings and school work in silent classrooms as if it had just been left and forgotten by pupils.

The former special educational needs school was deemed surplus to requirements after pupils were integrated into mainstream education.

It has since been left to rot in the past 17 years. Since it has been closed, the grade II listed building has been used for filming including the children's TV show Young Dracula.

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Fire crews were called to the site in May 2018 when flames ripped through the building. Some rooms were destroyed by the blaze but others remain as they were when the school shut its doors for good.

It is thought the building was sold in July 2016 and is now in private hands, but little or no work has been carried out on it in the intervening period.

The former school site was awarded grade II listed status in 1998 for its special architectural and historic interest.

Conservationists have claimed it is an important example of Victorian architecture and needs to be preserved.

Built in 1885, it is thought to be the last substantial Victorian mansion built in the area.

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