Denver Police Officers honored in citizens award photos

On Wednesday, the nonprofit organization Citizens Appreciate Police awarded 14 Denver Police officers who went above and beyond to demonstrated kindness and compassion.

Citizens Appreciate Police was formed in 1978 by Denver Mayor Bill McNichols and Denver District Attorney Dale Tooley. Nominations for the Citizens Appreciate Police Award generally come from private citizens sending letters to the Chief of Police. Officers can be nominated for their actions while either on or off duty. According to the organization, they have awarded more than 530 officers.

The Award honorees today were Denver officers Jonathan Hayes, Matthew Prell, Yisel Justo-Santiago, Emma Tschirhart, Jose Manriquez, Victoria Oliver, Marty Deal, Jordyn Matthews, Matthew Jeffrey, Hailey Landwehr, Denver Cpl. Kristin Miller, Denver Cpl. Kindel Padilla, Denver Detective Cassandra Ulrich and Denver Detective Katherine Urbina. A news release about the awards said of the awardees, “The officers worked individually and collectively in five separate instances that showed why they are deserving of this recognition.

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