Eerie moment sphere-shaped UFO hovers above rooftops

A bloke was left baffled after spotting a mysterious 'UFO' in a picture he took of the night sky near Lickey Hills.

David Suszek was on his front drive in Rubery, Worcestershire, on Friday (October 15) when he decided to take a photo of the moon behind the clouds.

The 63-year-old says he didn't see anything peculiar while he was out at around 8.10 pm on October 15.

However, after looking at the picture two days later, he claims to have spotted a mysterious object above the rooftops.

Mr Suszek told WorcestershireLive he wasn't sure whether the unusual sighting was a weather phenomenon or something eerier.

He said: "On Friday, shortly after 8 pm, I took a picture on my iPhone from our front drive in Rubery facing up towards the Lickey Hills.

"My intention was to capture the amazing sight of the moon through the clouds.

"On closer examination of the picture, I noticed a small sphere-like object to the right of the photo high above rooftops. My initial reaction was: 'Wow, is that a UFO? It certainly looks like one!'

"I didn’t notice the bright light until two days later when I was reading an online story of a former US Captain, Robert Salas, who had a UFO experience over his missile base in Montana 50 years ago.

"Spooky coincidence or what?"

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The news comes after a UFO geek from West Yorkshire admitted that he fears his wife will throw out his life's work after he dies – so he’s sending his X-Files to be archived.

Alien expert Philip Mantle, 63, has spent years probing some of the biggest flying saucer sightings.

He said: "My files take up one of our two living rooms while others are stored in our garage.

“My wife has no interest in UFOs and as a result, she is not interested in preserving my files should I die.

"I do suffer from chronic heart disease so the odds are in her favour and she will probably outlive me."

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