Engineers discover human skeleton in lift broken for more than two decades

An unidentified human skeleton has been found in a hospital lift which has been broken for over two decades.

The grisly discovery was made while engineers conducted repair work on the lift in OPEC Hospital in India, which has not been in use for 24 years.

While the identity of the person found is unknown, police confirmed the remains belong to a man and DNA from the skeleton has been sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Local police hope to identify the remains and are reportedly now scouring missing person paperwork from 24 years ago in the Kaili of Basti district in the Uttar Pradesh area.

It is understood that the lift broke down in 1997, before which it had been operational since the hospital was built in 1991.

Hospital bosses decided to repair the defunct lift and when it was opened earlier this month, they were shocked to find the skeleton beneath it in the lift shaft.

The police investigation is ongoing, but it is not presently clear why the person was in the lift or how they died.

Police spokesperson Deependra Nath Choudhary said: "If any written complaint is given in the matter, we will register a case.

"At present, the police are investigating several angles. To solve the mystery of the male skeleton, 24 police stations in the district have been deployed."

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