Evil husband seals wife’s vagina with glue after she cheated on him with 4 men

Released from jail after 26 years for a crime he didn't commit

An evil husband admitted to sealing the vagina of his wife with superglue after she allegedly slept with four other men.

Dennis Mumo, 36, from Kitui in southern Kenya, claimed he had uncovered evidence of his wife’s infidelity after reading her social media messages.

He alleged that she jumped into bed with another man each time he had to travel on business.

Before leaving on a business trip to Rwanda, the furious husband sealed his wife’s genitals with superglue, according to local media.

The horrific attack left her in agonising pain and requiring urgent medical treatment.

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Mumo was reported to the police by his neighbours and confessed to the crime under questioning back in 2020.

He said he had resorted to the extreme action in a desperate bid to save his failing marriage.

Mumo told officers he had evidence that she was having affairs with at least four men, after going through her social media messages.

He said he had even discovered that his wife had sent a naked photo of herself to one lover with the words: “Next week will be fire!”

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Police charged him with domestic violence and assault, as well as damaging his wife’s reproductive organs and risking making her infertile.

In another horrific crime, a 20 year-old man Zambian man is accused of murdering his one-month-old baby boy after his wife allegedly denied him sex.

The commanding officer in charge of the investigation, Dennis Moola, told a news conference: “He was demanding to have sex with his wife after smoking cannabis, but the wife refused because their baby was still young.”

The wife reportedly decided to go outside to clean the surroundings, leaving the baby with the father.

When she returned inside the house, she found her baby bleeding from the nose and mouth.

The child was rushed to the clinic, where it was pronounced dead upon arrival.

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