Ex-WWE star Mandy Rose ‘hid thongs from dad’ as she teases selling underwear

Ex-WWE star Mandy Rose has sent her fans into overdrive by teasing that she's going to start selling her underwear online.

Rose, 33, was in conversation with her other half and fellow ex-WWE star Tino Sabbatelli for their Power Alpha podcast when she shed some light on her “sheltered” upbringing. And she went into great detail about her high school days and the kind of underwear she wore.

She said, in a clip posted on her Instagram: “I feel like I was in this bubble. I would hide my thongs when I was in high school. I'm not wearing granny panties in high school – my mum was cool about it, but I was so nervous my dad would find my thongs.

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“I used to wash them in the sink, hand washed, and they're still up for grabs if anybody wants them, dirty or clean.” Jumping on the news, Tino Sabatelli said: “We'll sell them for sure.”

Predictably, this saw her fans take to the comments to beg her to follow through with the tease, with many asking “where” then can get her used pants from. One wrote: “Sounds like I know where I'm doing my Xmas shopping.”

And a second commented: “link to the unwashed panties ?” However, the comments also saw the former WWE NXT Women's Champion come in for heavyLcriticism, with many hitting out at her for the comments.

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One said: “Sorry, Mandy. I was a fan, but you're kinda reaching without having to put in the work to your first moneymaking profession.” Another posted: “Is this really what ya'll talking bout???”

And a third scathingly wrote: “Clown does anything for attention and money.” Rose, whose real name is Amanda Saccomanno, was fired from WWE in 2022 after the organisation was allegedly ‘unhappy’ with the content she was sharing on her private platforms.

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Since then Rose has spoken out about her lucrative career change with her most recent partnership with OnlyFans being launched last month. Speaking to TMZ, Rose said: “It's been kind of life-changing, I must say … I'm really blessed, but I will say that I have a lot of financial freedom right now which is really amazing.

“That's why I'm so grateful that I'm able to help my family right now and kind of rejuvenate their business they got going on, and just continue with my future. So, it's been pretty lucrative, not gonna lie."

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