Fearless diver dices with death in jaws of huge shark in stunning snaps

FEAST your eyes on the most stunning wildlife images of 2021 including one fearless diver that was even brave enough to grip the mouth and teeth of a giant tiger shark.

The winning shot is among a series of impressive images curated that will inspire you to treasure our planet.

The incredible image shows shark safety diver, Pieric Sabald swimming underwater with the 1,200-pound large predator in competition for food.

The remarkable photograph was taken by photographer Cam Grant and friend of MooreaMoana Tours owner Pieric, from Moorea, French Polynesia, in the water off Tuamotu Island.

“We have a place in Tuamotu Island where we study the behaviour of the tiger shark population," Pieric said.

"This place is maybe one of the best in the world to observe tiger sharks.

“I often calm them by stimulating the ampullae of Lorenzini with my hand. We call that the tonic immobility and we use that method to remove hooks that sharks got from fisherman.”

Other impressive wildlife shots from 2021 includes one by photographer Simon Needham from Leeds showing a 500-pound male lion standing on a hill of carcass bones.

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Andir Priyadi captured six dumpy tree frogs sitting on the petalsCredit: mediadrumworld.com/Andri Priyadi
Zebras dip their heads in water, creating an optical illusionCredit: @lcohenphotography/mediadrumimag

Shot in the South African kingdom, the golden light of the rising sun can be seen lighting him from behind.

“The lion only stood there for a minute or so, but I was lucky enough to get a few shots before he moved on,” said Simon.

“It was a very exciting moment and one I could have only dreamed of prior to going there that morning.”

Another of this year’s most stunning wildlife photos, by Andri Priyadi from Jakarta, Indonesia, captured six dumpy tree frogs sitting on the petals of a hanging flower stem in various states of relaxation.

The 36-year-old love to photograph frogs.

“I spent around twenty-five minutes observing and photographing these dumpy tree frogs in the garden of my home. I’m really happy with how the photos turned out,” Andri said.

Another winning photo shows a small group of stripey 850-pound zebras dip their heads to drink from a watering hole, creating an optical illusion as they are reflected in the water's surface.

It took place in the Sabi Sands in South Africa.

Other amazing wildlife shots from this year include a triumphant kingfisher bursting triumphantly from the water with the catch of the day in its mouth, and a polar bear curled up on a drifting hunk of ice.

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