Gang of yobs burn inflatable Santa’s leg off and post it through dad’s letterbox

A gang of yobs who nicked an inflatable Father Christmas from a family’s festive decoration were caught on camera laughing as they ran off – before they returned to post one of Santa’s charred legs through the front door.

One of the balaclava-clad thieves lifted his mate onto his shoulders to reach the decoration, that had been set up for a two-year-old to enjoy just hours before.

The incident took place in Skelmersdale, Lancashire on Sunday (November 27) and left dad-of-two Liam fuming.

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He told the Liverpool Echo: “They posted a leg through the door which obviously had burn marks on it.

"I didn't go chasing after them and didn't give them much of a reaction, so they've posted the leg through and then booted the door to try and get a reaction."

He posted footage of the brazen heist to a local community group on Facebook, adding: "I see the lads causing havoc round the Conny a few days ago are keeping up the Christmas spirit…

“Destroying a toddlers Father Christmas, thank you very much lads."

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Liam explained: "I shared the footage to see if anyone recognised them and to make people aware in the area of what had gone on so they could keep an eye out."

The area is plagued with anti-social behaviour and the Santa Claus theft comes after other yobs caused havoc at a cinema.

Youngsters stuffed toilet roll in the sinks and left the taps running in Concourse Shopping Centre in the pointless attack.

Rampaging kids are causing so much chaos that mums aren’t allowing their children out at night in fear of the “feral gangs” roaming the streets.

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