‘Hysterical’ OAP watched spaniel mauled by bigger dog like ‘lion attacking prey’

A terrified pensioner said her cocker spaniel was mauled "like a lion attacking their prey".

Diana Dunbar says she was in hysterics when another dog bulldozed her over on a walk and began swinging her daughter's pet around at the throat.

The 83-year-old helplessly watched on as little Mog's breath shortened "like a dying animal" only for hero vets to later keep him alive.

The nightmare dog walk in rural Shorne near Gravesend, Kent left Diana with her own injuries including a leg covered in so many bruises that it has turned purple, KentOnline reports.

Diana explained: "I was probably 100 yards up the field and I heard this dog bark. It came over the top of the gate and went like a bullet up toward us. The dog ran towards me and rolled me over on the ground.

"I was screaming and was hysterical.

"The dog was shaking him by the throat and I could not help. This little dog was screaming. Its breath was getting shorter and shorter like a dying animal.

"If the owner had not come the dog would have been dead. It was out of control."

Diana thought she and Mog were safe to walk through her friend's private field on December 27 but the "uncontrolled" dog made light work of bolting over the locked gate.

She added: "It was the most horrific experience. I was screaming 'it is killing my dog, it is killing my dog'.

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"The attack was completely unprovoked, we were just minding our own business. I cannot believe he is alive."

Once she had regained her footing from being floored by the aggressive beast, Diana rushed two-year-old Mog to a veterinary hospital where he spent the night.

Mog is now on the mend thanks to anti-inflammatory medication.

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This was not the first time Diana had seen the same dog pounce on an unsuspecting pet. The attack she witnessed in June was enough to put her off returning until the field's fence was reinforced.

Kent Police was called at 10.16am on Monday, December 27 to a report that a dog had attacked another dog on Bowesden Lane, Shorne.

Officers have carried out enquiries and anyone with any information in relation to this incident is asked to contact officers quoting reference 46/267135/21.

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