‘I got arrested at King Charles’ Coronation – cops cuffed me and stole my stuff’

A man has explained the moment he claims he was whisked away by cops at King Charles’s Coronation.

The mystery man, who refused to give details about himself for fear of further interaction with the law, told the Daily Star about how he was whisked away by officers at the event.

“I was just walking around,” he claimed, “just like everyone else I was showing my support to an unpopular King.”

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Dressed in a full Anonymous get-up, he added: “And then I was surrounded by police telling me 'can you move this way' – like why aren’t you harassing someone else? Why me?”

Cops then, “took my sign, took me to the corner and I was surrounded and they put handcuffs on me [putting my hands] behind my back.”

But in a clear moment of confusion, another officer is understood to have stepped in and saved the mystery man’s bacon.

“Another officer stepped in and said ‘what are you doing to him?’”

“They just said, ‘We were told to get him out of the way.’”

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He didn’t have any idea who that order was given by and wasn’t clear on which force the arresting officers were from.

The man added: “They then de-arrested me – but still that's an unlawful arrest because I didn’t do anything.

“They took my property as well and I said ‘That’s theft, isn’t it?’”

He claimed his belongings, including a large sign calling for the release of former WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange, were then passed over to a nearby security team.

“You can’t go around hiking people’s stuff,” he added.

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“They told me the reason why was that some people might find the sign offensive.”

The man explained he was out protesting because: “Our human rights have been violated.”

He said the arrest of Julian Assange “violated [the people’s] human right to know information so we can vote based on truthful information – otherwise, we’re going to vote for the wrong people.

“Julian Assange told us where our taxes were going.”

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