Lufthansa Airlines flight makes emergency landing as turbulence sees 'screaming passengers' rushed to hospital | The Sun

SEVEN people have been rushed to the hospital after severe turbulence on a flight led to an emergency landing on Wednesday.

Terrified passengers were heard screaming with reports of broken glass in the cabin during the emergency on Lufthansa Flight 469.

The plane was flying from Austin, Texas to Frankfurt, Germany when it was forced to land at Dulles International Airport in Virginia.

The extent of the injuries to those who were taken to the hospital is unknown at this time.

Footage taken from inside the cabin shows food boxes and pamphlets strewn in the aisle way. 

Cups and silverware were also hurled onto the floor during the turbulence.

A Twitter user has claimed that several passengers were injured.

"[They] said it was exceptionally scary, lots of broken glass and screaming and multiple injuries," they tweeted.

The user added that their family members were OK but "feeling anxious and rattled."

"We're all very glad the plane was ultimately landed safely," they said.

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A traveler told the Washington Post that the plane went into "free fall" as the dinner service started.

They claimed that a passenger was "badly hurt" and there were blood spatters on the seat.

The traveler claimed food that went up into the air had damaged the cabin's ceiling.

Another person, this time claiming to have been a passenger on the flight, tweeted at the airline for "immediate help and compensation for the catastrophic forced landing incident involving LH469."

"Many of our plans have been affected, our clothes are ruined, and we definitely expect far more than just a hotel tonight," they wrote.

Lufthansa responded to the passenger, writing: "I am sorry to hear about your experience. Please reach out to our colleagues at the airport for immediate assistance."

The airline offered a link for the passenger to submit a request for compensation.

And a third person shared an image of food trays scattered across the floor of the plane.

They wrote: "My wife was on that flight she sent this pic.

"This is what the inside looked like food everywhere, people who didn't have the seat belts fastened got hurt mostly cause it came as surprise without seat belt sign on and lighting (sic) hit the plane badly went 1k ft down & up pilot said."

Another person on Twitter thanked the crew for getting their family to the ground safely.

"Thank you so much for your incredible care of Flt 469 tonight!" they wrote.

"My family will be eternally grateful for the skill of the pilot and co-pilot and care from the crew."

The Federal Aviation Administration is now investigating what happened onboard.

The agency said: "Lufthansa Flight 469 diverted to Dulles International Airport and landed without incident around 9.10pm local time after the crew reported encountering severe turbulence at 37,000 feet altitude over Tennessee."

FAA told passengers to contact the airline for additional information.

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In December 36 people were injured after a Hawaiian Airlines flight hit turbulence just 30 minutes before landing in Honolulu.

The U.S. Sun reached out to Lufthansa Airlines for comment.

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