Monster snails that ‘carry killer parasites’ found roaming streets of London

Two monster snails that can carry deadly parasites have been found crawling in the streets of London.

The eight inch-long African land snails had been placed in a cardboard box with lettuce, next to a bus stop in the capital.

However, the killer creepy-crawlies managed to escape and were spotted wandering near to London Bridge railway station.

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Jamie-Lee McEvoy, 20, told The Sun: “They were the size of my arms.

“I thought I was seeing things. Everyone was wondering where they’d come from. But no one knew what to do or wanted to touch them.”

Other Londoners spotted them too, with one writing on Reddit: "[I] was running to the train station when I noticed a small group of people taking pictures of something on the pavement by bus stop S on Tooley Street.

"On the floor were, I am dead serious, two giant African land snails."

Another, sharing a picture of them on Twitter, joked: "Anyone lose some giant African snails at London Bridge lol."

The giant molluscs are actually one of the world's most damaging and invasive species.

In fact, New Port Richey in Florida, US was locked down last month after some were spotted so that authorities could carry out a quarantine.

The snails can carry the rat lungworm parasite which can trigger deadly meningitis in humans.

According to the Hawaiian Government symptoms include: "Severe headache and stiffness of the neck, tingling or painful feelings in the skin or extremities, low-grade fever, nausea, and vomiting."

They add: "Sometimes, a temporary paralysis of the face may also be present, as well as light sensitivity."

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The two that were spotted near London Bridge were collected by wildlife volunteer Beth Crivelli, who took them home.

She said: “They would have died crawling along the streets in this heat.

“They’re living with me in a proper sealed box until I can find someone to adopt them.”


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