Moose smashes through doors of B.C. school district office, hangs out in boardroom

A moose walks into a school district office.

No, it’s not the setup to a corny vaudeville act; it’s the situation School District 60 administrators found themselves in when a moose literally smashed through the doors into their Fort St. John office on Wednesday.

Superintendent of schools Stephen Petrucci said staff were in the office when the unwanted guest arrived around 4:40 p.m.

“We heard a loud crash and came out to see that a moose had smashed through the glass door. It was shaking itself off in the foyer and then calmly proceeded to walk down the hallway towards the boardroom,” he said.

“It just sort of walked around the boardroom, into it in fact, entered a couple of offices,” he said. “”It was either curious or disorientated, we’re not sure.”

Petrucci said staff called 911, and then he circled around the building to get other workers out safely, away from the moose.

“As I was doing that, the moose peered around the corner and could see that this was another exit, I think,” he said.

“So I just simply kind of kept the door open and tried to call it like a dog, I guess. And it eventually came trotting towards me and left the building.”

Petrucci described the moose as a “substantial” juvenile, “sort of in-between a calf and a full-grown moose,” but said the situation still could have gone seriously wrong.

While it wasn’t fully grown it, absolutely could have been very dangerous, especially if it was cornered and with other people in the area,” he said.

“So we were just very thankful that it didn’t get stuck in there because that could have been a much different result.”

The BC Conservation Officer Service later tracked the moose down and determined it was OK, “all things considered.”

Petrucci said there’s no estimate on the cost to repair the office’s entryway, but that the work had already been completed by Thursday.

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