Mum says sporty daughter, 10, put on weight during lockdown & now she can't find a school uniform to fit her 12st frame

A MOTHER has told how her sporty daughter put on weight during lockdown – and now can't find a school uniform to fit her 12st frame.

Lorraine Emmins was juggling her £14,000-a-year job while looking after three children at home and making meals on a tight budget through the pandemic.

The cleaner, 41, from Helston, Cornwall says being trapped at home caused her 10-year-old daughter Leaha to gain weight.

Lorraine told The Sun: “She’s always been a big child.

“I noticed she was putting on weight in the first lockdown. She was at the computer more for home schooling and watching more TV. 

“I know the kids were snacking more.

“We have taken Leaha to the doctor but they said it’s puppy fat and she should exercise more. 

"She runs, plays, and takes part in school sports. 

"When her Dad does DIY, she helps him paint, mow the lawn and jet wash the footpath. 

"She’s a big eater but I always try and make sure the kids eat healthy meals.

“We’re doing everything we can to help her manage her weight.”

Her other children Jade, 24, a cleaner, Teeanna, 12, and Ria, five, are all average size.

But now Leaha, who weighs 11st 9lbs, has not been able to find a uniform that fits.

She previously could have worn the biggest kids sizes, 14-15 years, but even the bigger ages are now not big enough.

Children have been getting larger for decades with one in three kids in England leaving primary school overweight, and the Association of UK Dieticians believe their waistlines have got bigger throughout the pandemic and lockdowns.

It means families like Lorraine’s must go to specialist shops and pay through the nose for fitting uniforms.

The Sun spent hours searching online and found a size 20 bottle green gingham dress for Leaha — the last available.

A dressmaker then added panels to the sides to expand it, putting the total cost to over £50.

Leaha, classified as very overweight, also got a size 24 grey women’s skirt on eBay as well as XXXL polo shirts and stretch jersey size 24 trousers which have been shortened for her.

Lorraine said: “I know there are thousands of other parents with plus-size kids who are too scared to ask for help because they’re afraid they will be shamed and bullied.

“Leaha loves school. I don’t want her bullied because she doesn’t have the right uniform or trolled.”

Leaha added: “I’m proud of my uniform and I just want one that fits. I know lots of other children will have the same problem.”

Additional reporting: Alley Einstein

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