PHOTOS: Colorado State Forest Service works to mitigate potential wildfire damage in Summit County

The Colorado State Forest Service is working to mitigate the impact of potential wildfires on 134 acres of land within the White River National Forest in the Dillon Ranger District near Breckenridge.

The partnership between the state and federal agencies is helping to create a flattened barrier between thick groves of lodgepole pine. On Thursday work was ongoing. Due to the age of the trees, population density and proximity to homes, the area would be at great risk of catastrophic loss in the event of a forest fire.

Costs for the project were offset by some $300 thousand in revenue created by the thousands of trees being cut down by various lumber vendors.

Crews began working in early Oct. and plan to wrap up cutting and removal of useable lumber by the end of January. The remaining piles of waste will be burned, so as not to pose a threat as fuel in the coming season.

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