Please Take 5 Minutes to Watch Trevor Noah Unpack Racism's Role in the Atlanta Shootings

Trevor Noah did not hold back while sharing his thoughts on the devastating Atlanta shootings that left eight people, including six Asian women, dead on March 16. During a Daily Show monologue that aired one day after the violent attacks, the late-night host dissected why racism was undeniably a driving force in suspect Robert Aaron Long’s killing spree, despite his attempts to blame an alleged sex addiction as the motive. For Noah, the massacre, though horrifying, was not entirely out of left field.

“In a way, what makes it even more painful is that we saw it coming,” he said. “We see these things happening. People have been warning. People in the Asian community have been tweeting, they’ve been saying, ‘Please help us. We’re getting punched in the streets. We’re getting slurs written on our doors. We’re getting people coming up to us saying, ‘Thanks for COVID. Thanks for spoiling the documented.'” Some of these hate incidents have been tracked by a coalition called Stop AAPI Hate, which just released harrowing statistics about the rise of anti-Asian discrimination, harassment, and assaults since the start of the pandemic. According to data released on the same day as the Atlanta shootings, women were victims of most of the 3,795 incidents reported.

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