Rapist Harvey Weinstein is 'over the hump and mending' after catching coronavirus at Rikers

HARVEY Weinstein is "over the hump and mending" after catching coronavirus at Rikers, it has been reported.

The rapist has reportedly been housed at the maximum security Wende Correctional Facility since March 18.

Officials at Wende Correctional Facility said that two inmates had tested positive, reports the Niagara Gazette.

A source told Deadline yesterday: "He is fine. He is over the hump and just mending."

Weinstein, who is currently serving a 23-year sentence after being convicted of rape, was tested for the killer bug at the jail just east of Buffalo, New York after he was transferred from Rikers Island.

The test came back positive on March 22 and was immediately put in isolation at the prison's hospital.

Weinstein had just arrived at Wende from Rikers, where there is currently a coronavirus outbreak.

It has been reported that 52 inmates at Rikers have tested positive for COVID-19 and a further 96 are under observation while awaiting test results.

A spokesperson for Weinstein previously told The Sun on Sunday Weinstein had not been informed of a positive test result.

Some are expressing their anger at the fact that even behind bars, Harvey seemed to be getting preferential treatment.

"Even in prison he got the privilege of getting tested. While so many are suffering and not able to," wrote Rosanna Arquette on Twitter.

"I hope that everyone will be safe and not spread this awful virus to others. It’s a terrible situation."

Harvey had been undergoing medical and mental evaluations at Wende, a maximum security facility located in the town of Alden.

It is 350 miles northwest of New York City, meaning any visitors would have to drive six hours to see Harvey.

The facility holds just under 1000 inmates and had been a county jail until 1983, when it was purchased by the state of New York.

Wende has a long list of infamous inmates, including Preppie Killer Robert Chambers, John Lennon assassin Mark David Chapman and David Sweat, who notoriously escaped from another state facility in 2015 which led to a statewide manhunt.

Harvey is one of the many prisoners that the New York Board of Corrections started moving out of jails as the COVID-19 pandemic worsened in the United States.

He is at a high risk of contracting the deadly virus as he is over the age of 50 and just had heart surgery two weeks ago at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.

Harvey has already experienced complications, with medics rushing him back to Bellevue after his sentencing last week for "high blood pressure."

"Significantly fewer people in jail will limit the spread of COVID-19 infection among people in custody and those who work in the jails, minimize the number of people in custody who will need medical care, decrease the density of housing areas for people who remain in jail, and allow New Yorkers to maintain connections with and support from their loved ones,' said the New York Board of Corrections in a release obtained by The Sun.

The Board defined four groups of inmates that they were looking to move out of jails so that DOC facilities would not be overwhelmed in the event if a mass infection.

Those groups were: People who are over 50; People who have underlying health conditions, including lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or a weakened immune system; People detained for administrative reasons (including failure to appear and parole
violations); and People serving “City Sentences” (sentences of one year or less).

Harvey is both over 50 and has a weakened immune system from the surgery he recently underwent to treat his heart disease.

The release last week very clearly laid out a plan and the goals that the Board felt the Department of Corrections could achieve if they stuck to a plan over the next few weeks.

"The New York City Board of Correction, the independent oversight Board for the City’s jail system, is calling on the City to work with all its criminal justice partners to: (1) immediately remove from jail all people at higher risk from COVID-19 infection; and (2) rapidly decrease the jail population," reads the report.

The disgraced mogul was rushed to Bellevue Hospital earlier this month after his blood pressure spiked, and remained there so doctors could monitor the situation in light of his recent surgery to insert a stent in to his heart.

That happened on the same day a jury found Harvey guilty on two of the six counts he was facing in his trial – criminal sexual assault and rape in the third degree.

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