'Shocked' Caprice is told her name is in Epstein's Little Black Book

‘Shocked’ Caprice is told her name is in Epstein’s Little Black Book: US model, 49, has no idea who gave billionaire paedophile her mobile and UK and US landline numbers used by close family

  • EXCLUSIVE: Caprice, 49, has been told her name and number is in Epstein’s book
  • A source close to the model said she ‘doesn’t want to be involved’ in the case
  • Billionaire paedophile Epstein was accused of exploiting underage girls 
  • The US model said she had no idea how Epstein had her contact information 

A ‘shocked’ Caprice has been told her name and phone numbers are listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book, MailOnline can exclusively reveal.

The US model, 49, has no idea who gave the billionaire paedophile her contact details because only her close family have her home numbers.

A source close to Caprice said she ‘doesn’t want to be involved’ and finds the allegations of a paedophile ring ‘totally toxic’.

Epstein, who killed himself in prison in August 2019, cultivated an extraordinary cache of more than 1,000 phone numbers and email addresses for hundreds of famous names across the Atlantic. 

The source added: ‘Caprice is shocked to hear her name is in Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book of contacts. 

‘She didn’t know he had her personal phone numbers or who he got them from. It wasn’t just her mobile number but the landlines of two of her personal residences in the UK and NYC. Only close family had those numbers for in an emergency’.

Caprice (pictured), 49, has no idea who gave Jeffrey Epstein her contact details, because only her close family have her home numbers

A source close to Caprice said she ‘doesn’t want to be involved’ and finds the allegations of a paedophile ring ‘totally toxic’. Pictured, Caprice’s contact is listed in the book

Caprice knew Ghislaine Maxwell, who the source said ‘was always nice to Caprice’, adding that the star ‘was really shocked when the story broke about her and Jeffrey’. 

Last year it was revealed Caprice dated Prince Andrew, who has been accused of having sex with one of Epstein’s ‘sex slaves’, Virginia Giuffre.

Prince Andrew let Caprice sit on the Queen’s throne at Buckingham Palace during one of their dates, it was claimed.

Epstein’s (pictured) ‘little black book’ contained the names of 301 of Britain’s richest and most powerful people 

The Duke of York, 60, met the American lingerie designer at a dinner party and the pair dated for two months in 2000, reports The Sun.  

On one of the dates he took her to Buckingham Palace and let her take a decorative bowl without staff knowing, according to the paper. 

Meanwhile, Epstein’s ‘little black book’ contained the names of 301 of Britain’s richest and most powerful people including Sir Mick Jagger, Tony Blair, Sir Richard Branson, Prince Andrew and his former wife Sarah Ferguson. 

Epstein is said to have written down 16 phone numbers for Prince Andrew including a mobile number and landlines for Sandringham and Balmoral, where the prince once invited him for a visit. 

There were also 18 numbers for Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, who once had a £15,000 dept paid off by Epstein, according to the Mirror. 

Ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair was recorded once, while his former cabinet minister Lord Mandelson had ten numbers recorded, including one marked ‘direct line’, one marked ‘home’ and one marked ‘country home’.   

Other names and numbers in his book are said to include Sir Mick Jagger, Sir David Frost, Richard Branson, Naomi Campbell, and a number of members of the House of Lords.

Royal connection: Epstein kept the details of Sarah Ferguson (left) and Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer

Other royal connections in the list include ‘Charles Althorp’, meaning Charles, Earl Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother, and Rosa Monckton, the late princess’s best friend. 

The ‘book’ is also said to contain contacts of Epstein’s former girlfriend Ms Maxwell, the daughter of Robert Maxwell, including her extended family, friends and brief acquaintances. 

The book is now in the hands of the FBI – but there is no suggestion that the people named were involved with Epstein’s crimes and many will never have met him.

In total there are 97 pages of records, five of which appear to be notes made by lawyers or investigators before the records were entered into court records. 

The list was cited as an exhibit – and therefore entered into court records –  as lawyers for women who alleged they were abused by Epstein brought a damages claim against him.

Virginia Roberts in front of Naomi Campbell and Flavio Briatore at an Epstein party

A spokesman for Richard Branson said previously: ‘Jeffrey Epstein has the island next door to Necker but Richard has literally only met him once for about five minutes. That’s the extent of it.’ 

Epstein also kept another diary with the names of over 100 ‘recruits’ from areas where he had residences, including New York and Palm Beach, Florida, as well as Paris. 

Alfredo Rodriguez, one of Epstein’s household employees, took a journal that he referred to as the ‘Holy Grail’ from Epstein’s computer ‘that reflected many of the names of underage females Epstein abused across the country and the world, including locations such as Michigan, California, West Palm Beach, New York, New Mexico, and Paris, France’.

Epstein is pictured with his associate and one-time girlfriend and alleged fixer Ghislaine Maxwell in 2005

In 2015, court papers claimed the journal identified ‘among other Epstein acquaintances, females that Rodriguez believes were underage under the heading “Massages”‘. 

Rodriguez was later charged in a criminal complaint with obstruction of justice in connection with trying to obtain $50,000 from civil attorneys pursuing civil sexual assault cases against Epstein as payment for producing the book to the attorneys. 

Court papers state that Rodriguez argued he needed the money because the journal was his insurance – as he feared Epstein would make him ‘disappear’. Because of the importance of the information in the journal to the civil cases, Rodriguez called it ‘The Holy Grail’. 

Rodriguez was later found guilty of obstruction of justice and served 18 months in prison.  

Epstein alleged in court papers that the journal contained the names of people who had ‘no connection whatsoever’ to his litigation, including Donald Trump. 

Prosecutors believe Epstein orchestrated a network of students who were lined up by other young women and then forced to satisfy the hedge fund billionaire’s wishes.  

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