The coronavirus crisis has not been Boris’s finest hour… it’s time he gets a grip on the panic – The Sun

THE coronavirus crisis has not been Boris Johnson’s finest hour . . . yet.

He left it too long to show leadership and address the nation.

He may have thought staying off TV and radio gave the impression of a statesman working frantically behind the scenes. But it did leave a vacuum.

The PM needs to be seen tackling this crisis.

He does plan to announce new emergency powers and lead a COBRA meeting on Monday, but some are wondering why he is waiting that long.

Coronavirus is causing global pandemonium. Thousands are dead, including the first Brit. Economies are paralysed, stock markets in freefall. The sporting calendar may be binned.

Britain is spooked. We need to know the risks, the best advice and what our Government is doing to screen all possible victims and minimise infection.

Those countries managing to contain the virus best are highly disciplined about testing, isolation, hygiene and so on. We must be too.

Our famous stoicism must not become a complacency which spreads the disease like wildfire.

The PM needs to tell us all this.

Road to ruin

THE folly of blithely making grand climate change promises without knowing exactly how to fulfil them is now laid bare.

All new infrastructure, even road repairs, may fall foul of the legal problem halting Heathrow’s third runway: That no one factored in our commitment to wipe out emissions by 2050.

That is a laudable aim, but how do we build anything without new emissions?

Our Government cannot let its own net-zero pledge trump all progress.

Its woolly promises, for 30 years hence, are already hitting the brick wall of reality.

Earn not learn

TOO many school leavers waste three years at uni and would be far better off in work.

Some 70,000 a year borrow more for their degree than they will ever recoup in higher earnings, especially on ­creative arts courses.

True, there are other reasons to study. But three years of training and work may be far more valuable all round.

And it won’t saddle them with a £70,000 debt draining their future pay packets.

What a copout

WE’VE heard some lily-livered excuses. But to ban tanks from a VE Day celebration for fear of attracting terrorists takes some beating.

Jihadist cowards don’t take on military parades. They prefer surprise attacks on unarmed shoppers.

Hitler was beaten by bullets, bombs and bravery. Not by the sort of shrinking violets running Sussex police.

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