Tiger King’s Joe Exotic ‘close to presidential pardon’ from Donald Trump

Tiger King reality star Joe ­Exotic is close to ­receiving a presidential pardon within a week, say his legal team.

Mulleted Exotic’s legal squad – known as “Team Tiger” – are ­flying to Washington DC for a “high-level” meeting with White House aides.

This will be a last-minute ­pardon discussion before President Trump leaves his post.

Team Tiger lead lawyer Eric Love insists Exotic has a “great shot” of being freed from his 22-year sentence for animal ­cruelty and plotting to kill his arch-enemy Carole Baskin.

President Trump plans a slew of high-profile pardons to take attention away from Joe Biden’s election victory being officially confirmed on Wednesday.

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Mr Love revealed: “We think the pardon is going to come. To file for a presidential pardon you have to go through a ­specific set of channels.

“So we crossed all the Ts and dotted all the Is in Washington. The information we have is Wednesday very well could be the greatest day of our project.

“That’s good-sourced information. We feel that we have
a great shot.”

Mr Love insisted that the Trump family are aware of Exotic’s plight thanks to the President’s son Don Jnr and his partner Kimberly Guilfoyle, who are both show fans sympathetic to Exotic’s case.

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The lawyer added: “We are grateful for his support and mention of the Tiger King in the personal one-on-one interview he did with his father.

"We know that Miss Guilfoyle is also a Tiger King fan and President Trump has verbalised Joe’s name in a Covid briefing. We know we are talked about.”

Mr Love said Team Tiger will fly to Washington in a private jet bearing Exotic’s image.

The 57-year-old star is being held at the Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth, and has said he fears catching Covid-19.

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