UK snow forecast: Brits brace 12 DAYS of snow as bitter arctic freeze looms, charts show

Christmas forecast: A look at the chance of snow for the UK

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New long-range maps from WXCharts show the UK could be engulfed with deep snow for over as many as 12 days starting on Thursday next week. According to the charts, snow is forecast to fall around North England and Southern Scotland before moving south over the Christmas period.

Early charts predict snow could be as deep as 30cm in parts of Wales and the midlands by December 27.

However, other forecasts predict the temperature will take a turn for the warmer next week, meaning another year without a White Christmas.

Tonight, the Met Office has calculated a high risk frost all over the country for the start of next week that could impede commuters and last-minute Christmas shopping sprees.

As the week ends on a cloudy and foggy Sunday with temperatures below 10C all over the country and under 0C in parts of Scotland, next week will feel even more wintery.

Although the Met Office expects more sunshine by day than of late across the South and East, the UK will get much colder.

Overnight frosts and increased risk of fog are even expected throughout the week and could disrupt transportation.

A senior meteorologist at, Alan Reppert, told “We will see the threat for frost limited to Scotland on Monday morning.

“However, things become more widespread on Tuesday morning and even more widespread on Wednesday morning.

“Wednesday looks to get frost even into the outskirts of London with temperatures near 0C for much of the UK.”

The frost could impact exposed roads in the morning.

However, Mr Reppert said mid-week would be warmer, with temperatures moving back to above freezing temperatures before Christmas.

The festive period in the UK will see an air mass battle between cold air coming from the North and Mediterranean mild air that is set to bring temperature contrasts next week.

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BBC Weather reports that Christmas will mainly be dry and cold, with a few snow showers around for some.

Others would have thicker clouds with temperatures near average and risk of heavy rain.

Dan Rudman, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “There is still a lot of uncertainty in the forecast for the Christmas period.

“Whilst there is certainly a risk of wintry conditions for many places, other outcomes are still possible such as warmer air to move across the UK bringing rain widely with any potential snow being restricted to higher ground and the far north.

“We will continue to keep an eye on developments over the coming days and update as the level of certainty increases.”

The official definition of a White Christmas is records of one snowflake observed on 25 December, somewhere in the UK, which means Christmas 2020 fell in that category.

However, Brits only woke up to lying snow outside on a Christmas Day a decade ago, in 2010.

Professor Lizzie Kendon from the Met Office said to The Guardian: “Since the 60s, the UK’s winters have become less snowy; overall, it’s because of the warming of our climate.

“It’s no coincidence that 2020 was one of the least snowy years on record and one of the warmest.”

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