UK storm forecast: Brutal Atlantic blast set to smash into Britain with heavy rain

UK weather: Threat of thunderstorms continues

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On Wednesday, there were yellow and amber thunderstorm warnings for parts of the country that saw huge areas in London and southern areas flooded by the first torrential rainfall in several weeks. The Met Office had forecasted 30-50mm of rain could fall in less than an hour, while some isolated spots could see in excess of 100mm in just a few hours. But there is more persistent rain on the way, as Atlantic systems rapidly move in from the east and trigger heavy downpours in the North and West of England.

Temperatures are set to plummet to 15C to 18C in the North, and 19C to 23C further South.

The remainder of the week will be “Atlantic driven” with the wettest and windiest weather in the North.

Netweather forecaster Terry Scholey wrote: “The East and South East turn brighter for a time tomorrow as a transient ridge moves across, ahead of Atlantic systems moving in.

“These’ll give further welcome rain, much of which once it arrives will probably be light and patchy in the South.

“Further North and West, the rain will be heavier and most persistent, with a South to South Westerly wind fresh locally strong across Northern Ireland, Cumbria and North and West Scotland.

“There will be further rain at times during the evening and overnight, some of it heavy in the North and West, but further South, it should be lighter generally and patchy.

“Across Northern Ireland and much of Scotland, the rain should clear to scattered showers, but these too could still be heavy in the West.

“A South West wind remains fresh to strong and blustery in the North and West, but temperatures shouldn’t fall below 14 to 16C across most of England and Wales and 11 to 14C further North.

“The remainder of the week will be mostly Atlantic driven, with the wettest, windiest weather in the North.

“Further South, after some rain initially, it’ll tend to be brighter and drier generally, with hints of summer returning every now and again.”

The Met Office has forecast that the unsettled weather seen over the past couple of days will continue into the weekend.

Towards the start of next week, a warm from is expected to move in from the Atlantic, which will bring with it even more rain, with the heaviest of this to be seen in western areas.

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Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Dan Rudman said: “While there’s more detail to be determined into the weekend, the main theme for Saturday is unsettled spell of weather with some showers but also some sunny spells, while some gusty winds and more consistent rain could affect the northwest.

“Later in the weekend, and into early next week, a warm front is expected to move in from the Atlantic, which brings with it some further rain from the west, gradually spreading eastwards.

“The heaviest rain, and highest totals, are expected to be in western areas but as the front moves eastwards it should weaken, reducing any totals in these areas, and the southeast in particular could stay mostly dry.”

Looking further ahead August 22-31, the Met Office warned the UK will be hit with an “extensive band of rain, possibly heavy in parts”.

“Frontal activity” will continue to dominate, bringing with it yet more rain, while “cooler polar air” during next week.

The Met Office said for this period: “To begin with, the UK can expect to see an extensive band of rain, possibly heavy in parts.

“The best of any sunshine on Monday will be across the north and west to begin with, reaching the southwest later.

“Frontal activity will continue to determine this period, bringing some unsettled weather for many, and rainfall generally focussed on western upslopes.

“A northwest/southeast temperature split may also develop, whereby cooler polar air will characterise the north, and the south seeing warmer temperatures from tropical air.

“High pressure attempts to build towards the end of this period and fine, dry weather is likely to prevail for many for the remainder of August.

“Light winds are likely with plenty of sunshine, and temperatures generally warm or locally very warm.”

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