WH spokesman threatened reporter for piece on relationship with journo: report

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White House deputy press secretary TJ Ducklo allegedly threatened to “destroy” Politico reporter Tara Palmeri for investigating his relationship with a journalist — before telling her she was just bitter that someone didn’t want to have sex with her, according to a new report.

The vulgar and threatening remarks from the senior White House aide were first reported Friday by Vanity Fair.

Politico editors reportedly had at least two calls with Ducklo’s superiors — including White House communications director Kate Bedingfield and press secretary Jen Psaki — to discuss his conduct.

In one call, Ducklo’s superiors allegedly tried to turn the tables and accused Palmeri of breaking an off-the-record agreement by relaying Ducklo’s misconduct to her editors.

Palmeri, a former New York Post reporter and co-author of Politico’s popular “Playbook” newsletter, was working on the story of Ducklo’s then-secret romance with Axios reporter Alexi McCammond. A male journalist at Politico asked Ducklo for comment, while Palmeri reached out to McCammond, according to the report.

Instead of replying to the male journalist, Ducklo, 32, called Palmeri and said, “I will destroy you” if she moved ahead with the reporting, according to Vanity Fair.

He then claimed Palmeri was “jealous” that a different man had “wanted to f–k” McCammond “and not you.”

Ducklo allegedly said Palmeri was also “jealous” that he was dating McCammond.

Palmeri reportedly had no prior association or communication with the Axios reporter.

Ducklo and Palmeri did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Post.

The relationship between Ducklo, who is battling lung cancer, and McCammond was first reported Monday night in a gushing profile in People — the same outlet that scored the first interview in office with President Biden.

Politico “Playbook” reported Tuesday morning that “on Monday evening, Playbook informed Biden’s comms staff that this item would be published today. Hours later, a glowing profile of McCammond and Ducklo’s relationship was published by People.”

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