Wisebitcoin: Cryptocurrency Trading Just Got Faster and Easier

The number of unique crypto wallet addresses is growing despite price fluctuations in digital asset markets. As of January 2021, nearly 34 million wallets were in use, suggesting more traders are entering secondary markets than ever before. While there are hundreds of crypto exchanges to choose from, few deliver the security, functionality, and cloud capabilities that professional traders demand — enter Wisebitcoin.

After months of stealth mode development, the Wisebitcoin exchange has launched with a mandate to make cryptocurrency trading faster and easier. Unlike many decentralized exchanges (DEXs), the Wisebitcoin user interface is intuitive and straightforward — similar to the experience offered by less secure, centralized exchanges. By combining usability, robust security, 24/7 customer service, deep liquidity, and cloud capabilities, Wisebitcoin is sure to be a preferred choice for discerning crypto traders.

Secured and Insured

The Wisebitcoin DEX team consists of over 50 specialists from countries across Europe and Asia, each with expertise in the crypto-asset ecosystem. As such, the Singapore-headquartered team understands the importance of communicating and enforcing the security of crypto holdings. Most notably, all crypto assets exchanged on the platform are held in cold wallets, offline. This infrastructure prevents hackers from accessing funds because wallet private keys aren’t stored online — Wisebitcoin is non-custodial.

In addition, the exchange employs two-factor authentication (2FA), which adds another layer of protection against hacks. However, in the unlikely event that funds are compromised, Wisebitcoin has established an insurance fund to protect assets on the platform. Through the implementation of proactive and reactive security measures, Wisebitcoin provides a security level many others don’t.

Deep Liquidity

We often hear of the liquidity problems that decentralized exchanges face due to their network architecture. Like Wisebitcoin, these platforms never take custody of your crypto — this is great for security but makes it more challenging to aggregate crypto-asset volume in one location. This dynamic is especially problematic for professional traders and large institutional investors looking to accumulate large amounts of a specific cryptocurrency. 

The Wisebitcoin DEX overcomes this hurdle through its unique cold storage infrastructure. Although trader assets exist off the exchange in cold storage, the platform simultaneously executes spot trades for over 50 cryptocurrencies including USDT, BTC, and ETH while also supporting over 100 trading pairs. Further, the platform facilitates $6 billion in daily trading volume and can handle 2,300,000 transactions per second (tps) for every trading pair. While executing frictionless trades is crucial to maintaining liquidity, efficient withdrawals and deposits are too. Without this essential support, the ability to move funds becomes time-consuming and restrictive. The Wisebitcoin exchange prevents this potential issue by supporting withdrawals and deposits for over 30 cryptocurrencies, allowing traders to fund or withdraw from their cold storage wallets with ease.

Professional Trading Tools

While individual investors require only basic trade functionality, professional traders use more complex investment instruments and strategies. Large investors are looking for platforms that offer a trading environment that emulates conventional market offerings. Beyond spot markets, derivatives remain a critical pillar of advancing the adoption of cryptocurrency.

As such, the Wisebitcoin exchange supports up to 100X leverage when margin trading and popular derivatives trading like perpetual swaps. Although decentralized margin trading isn’t new, the Wisebitcoin exchange amplifies the upside potential by allowing greater leverage. In regards to derivatives trading, perpetual swaps enable traders to buy or sell the value of an underlying asset while maintaining unique benefits:

  • There is no expiry date on perpetual swaps
  • Traders never hold the underlying asset
  • The swap tracks the price of the underlying asset and is easy to short

By offering a perpetual trading venue for USDT-Swap and Coin-Swap in the futures exchange, the Wisebitcoin platform integrates the benefits of spot and futures trading. More specifically, professional traders can use high leverage without worrying about futures contract expiration dates.

Leveraging the Cloud

Although the Wisebitcoin exchange is an independent application, the company has also built an integrated cloud-based platform that provides complimentary services. In addition to enhancing its product, these cloud services also anchor over 280 other cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. As a result, over 15 million users are brought together across the Wisebitcoin ecosystem, which further improves liquidity and aids market maturation.

An Elevated Crypto Trading Experience

Although there are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges, centralized or decentralized, few match the diversity of Wisebitcoin’s service offerings. Through the integration of a superior user interface, robust security, deep liquidity, unparalleled customer support, and cloud services, Wisebitcoin is a robust platform that meets the expectations of professional traders around the world.

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