13 Years On, GIBXChange Spearheading the Future of Crypto

Thirteen years ago, the world was changed with the publication of a paper named Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, published under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

This paper was a milestone in the history of both blockchain technology and proliferation of the cryptocurrency space, spawning an entire industry and asset class.

The paper detailed both the goals and objectives of a new revolutionary technology that held a specific junction at the between digital cryptography and distributed ledgers for storing electronic data.

Beyond introducing a new pathway towards blockchain technology, this paper also provided a catalyst for the direction of development of the crypto industry. This includes one of the most paramount principles of the new digital currency space, i.e., anonymity. Nakamoto reported that privacy can be preserved if the public keys are anonymous.

At its core, blockchain technology is based on a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or alter the system.

A blockchain is composed of a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain itself.

This opened the door to a wide range of applications of blockchain technology as well as the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Since then, this technology has quite literally exploded into the mainstream, being adopted by global financial institutions, exchanges, and players on both the buy- and supply-side.

By harnessing blockchain, it became possible to mine and trade digital currencies or cryptocurrencies. These have since been used as an alternative to fiat currencies for everything from investment holdings to the exchange of goods and services.

Crypto Industry at Crossroads

From its humble beginnings, the crypto industry has grown to heights previously unimagined. At the time of writing, the global cryptocurrency market cap was calculated at $2.45 trillion, a testament to its growing popularity and interest from the global investing community.

The past few years have seen a staunch growth in both the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a mainstream investment vehicle, but also as a core offering for brokers and exchanges.

This popularity has since coincided with growing prices, having marked all-time highs in Bitcoin in October 2021.

Many have been forecasting strong future growth for the crypto industry, along with increased demand for Bitcoin and the thousands of altcoins currently in existence.

Unlike the past thirteen years, when trading cryptocurrencies was the issue, the challenge today is finding an exchange in which investors can reliably and safely exchange and trade these assets.

The industry is littered with unregulated crypto exchanges that make any investment a risky venture. One name that has stood out from the crowd is GIBXChange, which is spearheading the future of crypto and blockchain technology.

GIBXChange Leading the Way

Cryptocurrency investing like any other form of trading can be risky. This makes the decision for choosing the right exchange or provider even more important.

GIBXChange is recognized as both a secure and transparent entity, whose operations are tightly regulated by the world’s leading authorities. This includes the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) and The National Futures Association (NFA) license, U.S. Department of Treasury via The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network issued an MSB (money services businesses) license, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and so on.

These are all supported by established data clearing centers across the globe in the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and other states.

When looking for a safe place to invest in cryptocurrencies, GIBXChange satisfies all the requirements and rules that allow for peace of mind, ensuring the safety and legality of users’ capital.

With hundreds of leading crypto pairs to trade, investors can explore what GIBXChange can offer them. This includes leading crypto pairs, the biggest altcoins, and the hottest new entrants to the space.

GIBXChange offers traders three different service lines. This includes a newly engineered blockchain trading platform, state-of-the-art trading protocols, and a cross-chain decentralized trading platform.

By leveraging the latest technologies such as multi-cluster deployment and distributed architecture, GIBXChange separates hot and cold wallets, guaranteeing safe, fast transactions.

GIBXChange has also been recognized in the industry for its achievements, scoring nominations for the Forex Awards 2021, which recognized the best forex digital asset trading platform.

This reputable brokerage entity is among the 2021 Forex Awards Nominees, a world-renowned awards ceremony for best exchanges held annually.

The categories that GIBXChange is likely to win are Best Cryptocurrency and Forex Exchange 2021, Best Trade Executions 2021, Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2021, Best Trading Application 2021, and Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform 2021.

Beyond its accolades, GIBXChange has also engaged with several well-known crypto organizations via partnerships.

This imitative was one of the driving forces behind introducing its latest platform, GIBX Swap, which was launched in September. This site, which is one of the best decentralized exchanges out there, focuses on mainstream cryptocurrencies.

GIBX Swap features decentralized technologies with its brand-new block chain trading underlying platform. This is backed by a new generation of trading contract and cross-chain decentralized exchange, and complete business model with asset safety, market liquidity, trading fairness, ecological openness and transaction experience.

GIBX Swap also boasts a multi-chain DEX model, constituting a decentralized transaction protocol based on an automated market-making mechanism. This integrates the differentiated advantages of multiple public chains to create a high-performance composite DEX ecosystem.

Already a market leader in technology, GIBX Swap aims to become the benchmark for DEX platforms and continue its development as a leading DEX platform for token swaps.

GIBX Swap puts emphasis on blockchain security protection. Certik, the world’s leading block chain security audit institution has provided an audit for the project. Recently, GIBX Swap has passed the Certik security audit, which is carried out in a comprehensive review from Static Analysis, On-chain Monitoring, Social Sentiment, Governance & Autonomy, Market Volatility and Safety Assessment in search of potential safety hazards and possible production vulnerabilities.

With such a rich history and heritage in crypto, the choice for your trading has never been easier with GIBXChange. With an eye continually looking ahead, the future at GIBXChange is brighter than ever, portending new initiatives and future development to keep the group ahead of the competition.

About GIBXChange

GIBXChange is led by a team of blockchain veterans with expertise in exchanges, media, and public chains. The group is committed to providing secure, convenient, and efficient digital asset trading services for users from more than 100 countries across the world.

GIBXChange operates as a world-leading best digital asset exchange covering foreign exchange functions”. Harnessing the MT5 LP MAM+5A allows users to experience the world’s top services.

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