Equiti Capital Names Sheetal Chouhan as a Director of Equiti Capital UK Limited

Equiti Capital UK today announced that it has appointed Sheetal Chouhan, an industry veteran with over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, to its Board of Directors with immediate effect.

Sheetal has been serving as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Equiti Capital UK since October 2018. In her career, Sheetal handled brokerage businesses and worked with different companies within the global financial sector.

She has extensive experience in financial planning, forecasting, and regulatory reporting. Sheetal has been a member of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) since February 2010.

Commenting on the recent appointment of Sheetal Chouhan and a Director of Equiti Capital UK Limited, Nigel Holmes, interim CEO of Equiti Capital UK Ltd, said: “We welcome Sheetal to the Board of Equiti Capital UK Ltd. She has been a respected contributor to the company over the past three years in her capacity as CFO. Sheetal’s in-depth experience in financial reporting and knowledge of financial regulatory requirements will ensure she becomes a valued member of the Board.”

The latest announcement from Equiti Capital UK came nearly 6 weeks after the company received a $10 million capital injection from Equiti Group.

Expansion Plans

In a recent discussion with Finance Magnates, Iskandar Najjar, CEO of Equiti Group, highlighted Equiti’s expansion plans and mentioned that the Group is planning to increase its global presence in 2022. “We had a strong year (2021). New hires including Paul Webb joined the Group. Some more hires are to be added to the team in Q3 of this year. We are significantly ramping up on our client experience and platform offerings. We do believe that 2022 will be a very strong year for the Equiti Group on the global level. We are looking for multiple licenses with a focus on multiple jurisdictions,” Najjar said.

Earlier this month, Equiti Group selected Waleed Saleh as Global Head of Market Research.

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