‘At least Caesar’s had a plan!’ Boris plotters blasted over Sunak and Truss Tory run-off

Conservative party is 'ruthlessly inefficient' says expert

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Conservative author Douglas Murray has rounded on the Tory plotters behind the downfall of Bois Johnson for lacking a plan for what would come next. Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Foreign Minister Liz Truss are to go to the Tory party membership in a head-to-head to decide who will enter Downing Street, but Mr Murray was scathing over the quality on offer. 

Mr Murray told Piers Morgan Uncensored: “I mean, as I said in my Spectator column this week, the Conservative Party has a reputation for ruthless efficiency, I think that’s half right.

“It is ruthlessly inefficient as a party. 

“Look at what they have just done, they’ve got rid of the leader who got them the majority since Margaret Thatcher. 

“I mean, at least the people who plotted and killed Julius Caesar had a kind of plan for what to do afterwards.

“The idea that the Conservative Party yet again has knifed one of its leaders as it always does, and then offers us Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak,” he continued. 

“I mean do they really think that the country is going to be in engulfed with enthusiasm for this?”

On Thursday, Mr Sunak claimed the current evidence suggests the Tories would suffer a defeat at the next general election under Liz Truss’ leadership.

The former chancellor, one of the two remaining candidates vying for the top job in No 10, also warned that going on a “huge borrowing spree” would only “make the situation worse” when it comes to inflation.

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He told Tonight With Andrew Marr on LBC: “If you look at all the polling evidence that we have, and you see what that says, it’s pretty clear that I am the person that is best placed to defeat Keir Starmer in the next election.”

Put to him that means if the Conservative Party chooses Ms Truss as its next leader it is likely to go down to defeat in the next election, he said: “That’s what all the evidence that we have today would show, and that’s what our members will need to consider.”

Earlier, Ms Truss defended her tax cut plans costing at least £30 billion a year as “affordable” as the economic policies of the Tory candidates for prime minister came under scrutiny.

Mr Sunak was understood to not be envisaging cutting personal taxes until at least autumn next year to avoid fuelling inflation.

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But Ms Truss, the Foreign Secretary, promised an emergency budget to reverse the national insurance hike immediately under her proposals to drive growth.

Speaking to LBC, Mr Sunak warned that going on a “huge borrowing spree” would only “make the situation worse” when it comes to inflation.

He defended his planned rise in corporation tax, saying the increase was “perfectly reasonable”.

“What we are doing is actually combining that with some other reforms to make the system much more generous for the things that we know actually drive growth, and that’s businesses to actually invest,” he said.

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