Dutch border patrol accused of ‘point scoring’ amid ‘celebratory’ Brexit sandwich row

Brexit: Dutch border patrol ‘point scoring’ says expert

Commentator Angela Epstein has accused the Dutch border patrol of “point-scoring” regarding an incident with a driver attempting to bring sandwiches over the border. While speaking on Jeremy Vine, she said the border officer had a whiff of “celebration” at being able to stop the driver over a trivial issue following Brexit. She said: “It did have a little bit of whiff of point-scoring there.

“I think he was absolutely right, it is a snapshot of what life is going to be like after Brexit.

“These are the little details that will come together, the little pieces of the mosaic that will form the picture of our post-EU life.

“Did you not just get a bit of a whiff of a celebratory jab, ‘welcome to Brexit, this is what it is going to be like.’

“I was hoping we would feel warmly disposed to one another.

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“So I do hope that will continue and we will feel good about being pals even though we are no longer part of the EU”

Panel guest journalist Steve Thompson noted that this would likely be an isolated incident.

The panel guest said: “That looks like an exception rather than the rule to me.

“It reminds me of when you are at the airport and they tell you you can’t take your alcohol through so you have to then neck it before you go through security

Brexit: Drivers have sandwiches confiscated at Dutch border

“I don’t know why the guy didn’t eat his sandwich nice and quickly there.

“We are not even allowed to take a sandwich into the park right now, so a sandwich at the border isn’t too high a price to pay for Brexit.”

Mr Vine added that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic may have contributed to the decision to confiscate the sandwiches.

The incident saw a border patrol officer explain the reasoning behind the confiscation of the foods to the driver.

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He said to the driver: “Since Brexit, you are no longer allowed to take certain foods to Europe.

“Things like meats, vegetables, fishes and those sort of things.” 

During a line of questioning, the border patrolmen concluded that all the sandwiches had to be confiscated despite the driver’s suggestion he would simply remove the meat. 


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