Frexit NOW! French campaign leader blames EU for rising electricity prices

Frexit: Expert fires warning about leaving euro

Charles-Henri Gallois, a prominent anti-EU activist, took to Twitter to share a post by Boursorama, a French online financial group created by Société Générale The post states: “Electricity: towards a 2% increase in regulated prices?”

Deploying the slogan famously coined by Brexit architect and Vote Leave campaign manager Dominic Cummings, he added: “Indeed, in the name of competition in the electricity, the EU is demanding price increases in order for the market to be profitable for Engie’s (ex-EDF) competitors. #TakeBackControl.”

Mr Gallois’s assertion that Engie was formerly known as EDF was challenged by others on the platform – one pointed out: “You put Engie (ex-EDF) but it’s Engie (ex-GDF-Suez).”

He subsequently corrected himself, posting: “Enedis (ex-EDF).”

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Mr Gallois’s tweet did not make it obvious which EU policy he was talking about.

However, another Twitter user, replying to Boursorama’s post, said: “As a reminder, it is the European Commission which imposed the end of regulated tariffs.”

Speaking to earlier this week, Mr Gallois set out the reasons why he believes his country should follow the UK’s example in what would be a devastating blow to the bloc.

He said: “A country which does not control its laws, its money, its commercial agreements, its currency, its boundaries is not a sovereign country at all.

“France is a great country and should take back control!

“You can have thousands of economic arguments as the EU costs us a lot financially (cost of the euro currency overvalued for our economy, France is the second-largest contributor to EU budget, France will lose 40 billion euros in the recovery fund) but eventually it’s about democracy.

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“Do we want to be governed by French people that we elect and that we can fire in the next election if the policy is wrong?

“There is no such thing as democracy in the EU.” has approached the European Commission to ask for a response to the posts by both Mr Gallois and Boursorama.

Euroscepticism has traditionally been very much a minor faction within France – but speaking to last year, Dr Downing, an LSE Fellow in Nationalism at the London School of Economics’ European Institute, said anti-Brussels sentiments were rising.

He said: “I was in Marseille when the Brexit result was first announced and I was expecting a certain amount of hostility.

“Instead, the amount of people who came up to me and said it was great was surprising.

“I was very surprised about the levels of euroscepticism considering I was in a country which is at the heart of the European project.

“Something is up – in people’s minds, at least.

“One thing I find interesting is just how bad the European Union institutions are at communicating their core messages.

“Even with something like the European Social Fund, people don’t know about that at all.”

Frexit was something which could happen “in theory”, Dr Downing said, while suggesting in practice there were significant obstacles.

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