Outrage as Lord Adonis backs Guy Verhofstadt’s ‘delusional’ plot for Britain to rejoin EU

Brexit ‘colossal foreign policy blunder’ says Bercow

Mr Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s Brexit Coordinator and Chair of the Brexit Steering Group, was a fierce critic of the UK Government’s position since the historic vote to leave the bloc in June 2016. And he has wasted no time encouraging Remainers to create a new campaign to push the UK back into Brussels’ orbit.

At some point, one way or another, they will find their way back to the European family

Guy Verhofstadt

In his latest outburst the Belgian MEP said: “Those just old enough to vote at the time of the referendum overwhelmingly voted to remain.

“Whatever happens next, these younger generations will decide on their future for themselves.

“At some point, one way or another, they will find their way back to the European family.”

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Mr Verhofstadt has found a high-profile supporter in Lord Adonis who has also vowed to fight for Britain’s return to the EU.

He responded to Mr Verhofstadt’s remarks by tweeting: “True.”

But others appeared unconvinced by the pair’s optimism.

One critic tweeted: “Through what political party? Delusional if you think this will happen in next 10 years.”

Another tweeted: “Not sure Labour agrees, though.”

And another simply stated: “You are misguided.”

Writing in the New European, Mr Verhofstadt said: “No one in their right mind ever really believed closing yourself off from your closest economic, political and geopolitical partner would be a constructive thing to do.

“But some honestly believed they had the right to do so, and the only way to spectacularly reaffirm that right was through something spectacularly self-harmful and destructive.

“Still, it saddens and even frightens me to see how a great country can continue to belittle itself in this way.”

He continued: “Because there are many more cases to start doing the responsible thing, the wise and dutiful thing.

“And Brexit, we should all understand by now, is none of those things.”

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Mr Verofstadt vowed to ensure Brussels always kept “its arms and mind open for friends across the Channel”.

He said: “This relationship was never easy, but there was always – and will always be – a lot of heart and mind in it.

“As a democrat and an optimist, I still believe these will win out in the end.”

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