Crocodile plays dead and ambushes dogs on beach before dragging one into water

This is the terrifying moment a crafty crocodile ambushes a group of curious dog before clamping its jaws on one of them and dragging it out to sea.

Beach-goers at Kinabatanga in Malaysia were stunned when they saw at least eight stray dogs going up close to the apex predator, which was "playing dead" on the beach

In the video, the canines are barking at the huge saltwater crocodile, apparently motionless in the surf.

But as one pooch gets too bold and starts to sniff the crocodile, its giant jaws open and snap shut around the dog's torso.

The poor dog yelps in pain while its companions bark in defence, chasing after the crocodile into the water.

It is believed that the dog was drowned and then eaten by the crocodile as it headed out into the sea.

Facebook user "Mad Ali" who posted the video on Friday (June 10), said: "This crocodile is actually clever…

"I once saw a crocodile given a piece of chicken from the kitchen window of a resort in Kinabatangan.

"The crocodile did not eat all of it and left some as it went down to the water.

"Dogs in the surrounding village tried to take the leftovers…"

Saltwater crocodiles are the largest and most dangerous reptiles on the planet.

Males can be more than six metres long (20ft) and weigh nearly one and a half tons (1,300 kg).

Their bite is the most brutal of any predator, reaching 3,690 pounds-force in laboratory tests.

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Elsewhere in Indonesia, a man has his arm ripped off by a monster crocodile after he dipped his hands in a murky pond.

The 49-year-old victim said he was only trying to wash off the grease on his hands.

Luckily he was saved by witnesses and rushed to hospital where doctors had to amputate his right arm.

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