Downtown Boulder parking garages to go gateless, switch to touchless payments – The Denver Post

The five city-owned BoulderPark parking garages in downtown Boulder will switch to gateless operations and touchless payments effective Oct. 1.

These garages will transition to the gate-free Metropolis parking system, which will allow registered drivers to simply drive in, park and receive a text message confirming they’re parked in that location. When drivers leave the garage, any payments due will be charged to their account automatically and receipts will be sent by text.

Non-registered drivers may park but will need to register by scanning a QR code from one of the signs throughout the garages before they leave. There is no need for an app, and the registration is a short, one-time process.

Parking on weekends and holidays will still be free, and registration is not required during those times.

“We recognize the frustration that the traditional gate-based system has too often caused,” Community Vitality Director Cris Jones stated in a news release. “By embracing the latest technology, we aim to make parking as quick and hassle-free as possible.”

Readers can register with Metropolis at Those who register before Oct. 1 can receive $5 off their first parking garage visit by entering the “BOULDER5OFF” promo code in the “Promotions” section of their account.

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