Furious dad slams ‘military camp’ school after daughter handed 2-hour detention

A dad has slammed new high school rules after his daughter landed a two-hour detention after she allegedly broke the regulations.

Adam Taylor had expected 14-year-old Caitlin to leave St Peter's Academy, in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, on time at 3pm on Friday.

But her breaches of the new 'correction' system saw her handed an immediate 120-minute detention with less than two hours notice to her parents, Stoke on Trent Live reports.

It included Caitlin being asked to fill out a 'correction reflection document'. In response, she wrote: "Didn't do nothing so can't see why I'm here tbh (to be honest)."

Now Adam, 36, has accused the school of going 'far too far' with its new rules.

Each 30-minute 'correction' is handed to any pupil every time they break one of six rules.

These relate to behaviour, punctuality, correct uniform, inappropriate language, answering back, and making sure they have their student organiser.

It is understood that Caitlin's breaches related to four uniform misdemeanours.

Adam received a text from the school at 1.46pm on Friday. It read: "Caitlin has received four corrections today so we have a two-hour correction after school. Finish time 5pm."

The window cleaner said: "It’s more like a military camp. I got a text message an hour before school finished informing me that she had got a detention. One of the corrections was for a wrong PE top which is my fault.

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“These new rules just started on the Monday when they went back to school.

“My daughter was there until 5pm. In a few months time at 5pm it’s going to be pitch black walking home.

“I know where the school is coming from – you have got to discipline kids. But if someone is two minutes late to school then they get one of these 30 -minute corrections. If they speak in a lesson they get a correction.

“They can get four or five of them throughout the day.

“I just think it’s going too far. They have to sit in the hall, be quiet, or fill in one of these daft correction forms.”

St Peter's Academy has declined to comment on the issue to Stoke-On-Trent Live.

The Daily Star has reached out for comment.

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